Pisces May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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A lot will be possible this May but you need to imagine it first in order for it to happen and to also surround yourself with the right people. Be mindful of how and with whom you spend your time this month because this will define you more than you’d think.

It’s going to be a great time to advance in a serious relationship but make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Someone will need your help as well and you will be quite conflicted between helping them and actually doing the right, moral thing.

Your kindness will be returned and during the second half of the month you will actually feel that you are being respected by those around you.

In May, do not let the amorous opportunities pass by you. Service-related and income-related concerns can get your attention so you miss some romantic moments with your partner, or if you're alone, ignore some flirting that can lead to a passionate adventure.

You can get involved in out-of-work projects, projects that you did not expect to round up your revenue. However, a pleasant surprise is expected towards the end of the month.

May highlights

With Mercury moving in the sign of Taurus on the 6th, you will need to tone down your temperament and impulsivity. Think twice about what you want to say and don’t throw things at your nerves out there.

You will talk a lot and perhaps promise a lot during this time but be mindful because these promises of yours will actually hunt you down.

The reverse side of this aspect involves a focus on responsibilities and practical things as well so you might find yourself fixing some things around the house, at the start of May.

Around the middle of the month you will seek to share your brilliant ideas with your friends and might even seek a business partner. Be careful about borrowing money but otherwise, just go for your ideas.

During the second half of May you might find that exactly the people you need will start showing up in your life.

On top of this, your family life will also be quite dynamic so even your moments of relaxation will be quite busy. Some natives will also benefit from better communication with your family, especially where the relationship has been rather strained recently.

In or around the 29th and 30th, you are harder to share between family and work, and your loved ones might come with their own demands. You will try to please everyone so you will be the one ending up exhausted from little sleep.

But with the Venus Saturn triangle, despite all the tiredness, you will feel quite pleased with yourself and might feel some stability in your life. Plus, the emphasis will be put on palpable rather than abstract issues.

Pisces love horoscope for May

On the love plan, May 2019 will definitely promote communication. This is not to say that everything will be a breeze. On the contrary, there is a lot to learn and a lot of practice to take place, before you are able to smooth things out.

Around the 10th you will need to make a conscious effort to find out what your life partner desires from you and to check why you don’t seem to be on the same wavelength regarding some of your plans.

During an open discussion you may be blamed of not being open to exchanging ideas, and that you are looking to just make yours known so that you feel more at ease.

Accept the judgment and show that you can be different too but don’t do it all of a sudden, but rather take your time and go in real depth.

After the 16th, your seventh house will be activated by Mars, meaning that even the shiest of Pisces will become rather flirty and have a good time. This is the moment to approach anyone you may have a crush on.

However, be careful not to confuse your personal value with the number of people you seduced because this arrogance of a charmer does not suit you well.

Career progress this month

This month you are finally in contact with people who share similar interests and have the same professional ambitions. It's the good way for Pisces people to get things off the ground. However, you need perseverance to get the desired results.

You collect the fruits of your efforts in recent years and enjoy the recognition of proven qualities over time.

There may also be special occasions that open up a new path of progress, but it is a short-lived opening of up to one year.

In the first part of the month, you will be able to capitalize on a new chance that can come from abroad or in association with someone from afar.

You are surprisingly well oriented to the present and to what it will offer you. The results will not be expected, provided you do not overestimate your efforts.

Then you calm down, because you will understand that you need a solid construction, medium and long term, to make sure you have the desired control over the financial situation.

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