Pisces May 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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You will have many important home and family matters to take care. Until the 20th, other have you caught up in their problems, but Taurus’s influences are going to bring harmony in your relationship.

You have many interests, move easily and fight for causes. Mars in a good aspect with your sign is giving you a powerful push, making creatively and emotionally dynamic.

Until the 13th, Jupiter and Saturn are coming to prepare you for meeting people from your past and to bring changes, for the last 2 decades. The planet Jupiter enters on the 14th your sign, giving you more joy for living.

Starting with the 21st, Gemini’s energies are being released in your family and home areas, so you may have some disagreements with your loved ones. Just let the storm do its thing and go away.

May 2021 Highlights

During May, people born in Pisces will be most drawn to activities in which they need to overcome their limits, so they should travel and interact with other cultures.

This will have them changing their vision on life, develop from a personal point of view, and starting to believe that they have the right abilities to attain happiness for the rest of the year.

You will want to have more profound experiences at work, something that will be encouraging for you if you want to become intellectually enriched, to have better relationships and to be in direct contact with the projects you’re working on. All this will bring you great financial results.

Pisces are going to appreciate in May their own need to be dedicated to their passions and relaxation methods. Their personality will be activated by the stars, filling their future with optimism and new events.

They will have almost contagious spirits and make only good judgments. As far as work goes, you will begin discussions that may have good consequences if you’re intelligent and don’t retaliate when involved in a deeper conflict. Be careful to not let tensions affect your judgment, which is very good.

Pisces love horoscope for May

Pisces will give more importance to money than to love in May. This is going to obviously cause them problems in the affective area of life, as their partner will complain to them, mostly about the way in which they’re carelessly handling finances.

In this situation, they need to not pay attention to the words they’re being told and try to be as communicative as possible, trying to get closer to their partner. This is the attitude they need to adopt in May.

It’s true they will need to struggle to achieve it, but if they do, their financial and emotional problems will disappear. Venus favors them a lot. Mars in a Water sign gives them a sort of intuitive sensuality, so they will sparkle.

Until the 20th, you know how to seduce in an emotional manner, and you enjoy it. Gemini’s influence will have you feeling nostalgic. The month is good for your love life.

You enjoy its romantic setting brought on by Mars. Your relationship is tender, and you have affectionate exchanges with your partner until the 10th and thanks to Venus. Starting with the 21st, take every chance you have to express your feelings.

Career and Finances Horoscope

This month is very good for Pisces to make changes in their career, especially for those of them who are thinking if they should continue reflecting their personality into their work and make the decision to keep their position in the company, or to risk going on their own.

May is a month of changes for them, so those Pisces who aren’t happy with their current job or are looking for work will be given the opportunity to turn their life around completely, seeing the stars are aligned in their favor, and they can achieve each and every of their goals if they believe in themselves and their abilities, also if they not allow fear to guide them.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Those Pisces who have the tendence to gain extra weight will be given the chance to slim down. They need to consider going to a nutritionist or health specialist who can make a diet for them.

Don’t decide to try your luck as far as weight loss goes on your own, as this could get you sick. While their life will go on as usually, Pisces may still feel under the weather because Saturn’s transit will decrease their energy levels.

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