Pisces May 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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As a result of the benevolent and calming energies surrounding you this month you may come across some very powerful personal revelations.

Those who have been out of your life for quite a while might come back into your life. You will carefully select your relationship and choose only the people who you can trust. In other words, the lucky star of evolution is going to be improving your life by providing increased comfort and more security.

Starting with May 16th, the planet Jupiter will make a transfer into the sign of Taurus, giving consistency to any of the proposals driving exchanges in your path for some time now. Jupiter will encourage you to analyze these exchanges with care.

In case you agree with anything that’s being said, then you’re going to be urged to accept these exchanges. Being determined, you will permanently expel this shadow from your life.

May 2023 Highlights

Receiving attention from more admirers might sound good for your ego, but the question remains with the way you are recaptioning. With the presence of Venus in the sign of Gemini, you’re going to be more superficial starting with the 9th and until the 19th.

You will feel as if there’s nothing wrong with turning heads around. In case of the Pisces woman, this will be even more pleasurable. In such times that are difficult, it can be said that being frivolous won’t hurt, yet you mustn’t force the line in any way by playing at multiple heads.

By the 13th, there will be affection taking over with your various and many contacts. You are still going to be play your family role in a serious manner, by being protective and taking your maternal side out to be seen.

Starting with the 4th and until the 11th, you are going to surely have some issues ordering your ideas. As the planet Mercury in the sign of Gemini is going to be influencing you, you won’t be prevented from being chatty and even gossipy. Just make sure to also use your head from time to time. If you do, then your talkative side will become a blast.

After the 20th, there’s the fear that you’re going to be feeling a bit in the mud, especially until the month will end. Therefore, try to communicate what you are doing and do what you have promised. This is going to be the nicest start.

Starting with the 10th and until the 19th, you will need to add a brand-new string to the bow you are wearing or to find a new occupation that’s creative. Either way, you need to do more for yourself, in the ways you want it, as well as when you want it. In case fate is helping you, take advantage of it.

Are you being given the chance to change your furniture or to sell, perhaps buy something? Then go ahead and do it. The situation might also be that you need to put order into chaos. Also, starting with the 10th and until the 21st, you’re going to be reminded now and then that you must use your mind before saying something. Don’t gossip and don’t talk too much.

Pisces Love Horoscope for May

By May 7th, the planet Venus in the sign of Gemini will bring about some confusion. Starting with the 22nd, the Sun in the sign of Gemini will arrive to question your decision if you are no longer listening to what they have to say.

In your relationship, there will be only sincerity, not to mention that you and your partner will find your orientation as a couple. Moreover, you will be more understood, regaining control of the entire situation.

On the other hand, until the May 22, you should prevail in the case in which overflows have to be avoided. People with all sorts of good intentions are going to be surrounding you, yet a bad temper will try to confuse you once more.

In case you are letting things to escape your manner, then don’t insist on making any effort. In your married life, there’s going to be plenty of magnanimity. You might even be rather weak around your partner, but luckily, this won’t have any consequence.

Your bonds will be strengthened by the astral surroundings, bringing plenty of happiness to the natives who have made the decision to live together with their partner. Singles don’t allow yourselves to be soft in love during this time.

You will understand just how seductive you are and be appreciative of it. However, don’t abuse your power of seduction. Consider that it’s sometimes easier to just conquer rather than to be building.

Venus in an aspect that’s not harmonious will have rather negative effects to which you need to pay close attention. Venus is a planet that brings about criticism and makes hard the life of those who are in a couple. In case you have someone more philosophical as a partner, then that person will support any unflattering remark that you might have. In case he or she won’t, a breakup might follow.

Single Pisces, the planet Pluto will have an influence on your loves. In May, many Pisces will be completely ignited for someone new. This will be a passion that will bring a long-term and beautiful love story in the cards.

Career and Finances Horoscope

In case you have been led by motivation, then you should rediscover your smile. This is a month in which exchanges will be focused on what you’re experiencing, as well as your development in the professional field.

Some of these exchanges will put your talents in the light, whereas the other will be looking for what ability you might be having. In case you are feeling as if nothing has gone fine, then just wait. With the time flying, you will have your business partners and associates becoming more and more precise.

Don’t look any further if someone makes you an interesting proposition. Be serious and make the decision that’s right. In the financial sector, you are going to be doing just fine, as the efforts done for you to get where you wanted will be reflected.

Nothing is going to be favorable when it comes to finances for the month that’s coming. You will be set out to realize gains that are going to be eluding you and this despite you working very hard to achieve success.

You will travel as much as you want, yet your travels won’t deliver what you have been expecting. Expect some beneficial results from going South. Your contacts won’t be helpful either, at least not as much as they have been in the past. Thus, you should rely only on your resources and skill.

All in all, the month is going to be one in which you need to be careful when it comes to handling different situations that are difficult. You will perhaps do very well from a financial point of view, as the stars will play life in your favor.

Those involved in interstate connections of a commercial nature or those having foreign affairs going on will prosper and make and gain more than they have imagined. For most natives, there will be existing operations enabling them what gains they have planned for this period.

Moreover, those having plans to expand or to launch a new venture will go through a period of congenial nature. Natives with loan proposals or who are on pending with financial institutions or banks will succeed with all their efforts. Remember that professional or business cooperation with the ladies will bring benefits of incredible value.


During May Pisces natives should monitor their health because they’re prone to nervous diseases, especially if they happen to argue a lot and don’t seem to let go easily.

You need to understand that this is like your psychological balance is going down for you, which will cause headaches, stomach upset, exhaustion, and even colds.

It’s important that you take good care of yourself and exercise. Physical activity can release the tension in your body and mind.

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