Pisces November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2221 views

Swimming in trouble waters perhaps but shouldn’t be anything surprising for your sign for that matter but it seems that during this month, things appear more complicated. The Pisces November 2015 monthly horoscope shows that the hard aspects to be formed on mutable signs will dominate over the rest.

Therefore, great challenges are to come for you in terms of social image and career. At bottom, it’s your need for security that will be shaken. It might be just a confusing feeling but it might as well be a real reason of concern.

Face the circumstances

Especially near upon November 25, developments are very probable to put you face to face with ethical, legal, authority-related issues that threaten to endanger the position you achieved so far in your career or even the position you target for the future.

There’s no need neither to panic nor to try “smart” things in order to avoid facts and their consequences. In other word, it’s time to face reality, to accept it and to act accordingly, that is to try and adapt to the circumstances. 

Fears to affect your approach to shared money

But not every Pisces native will face such challenges in their career. Some will face a really great opportunity, a chance that doesn’t come often in their professional life. But even in this case, things won’t go easy.

Anxiety will be present anyway due to big expectations and prospective difficult steps to come towards the top or towards measurable achievements.  The biggest mistake you can possibly make will be not to take the chance because you are being too afraid of responsibilities.

The two conjunctions the Black Moon will form firstly with Venus and then with Mars in Libra in the second half of November are times for fears to be stirred by reason of being taken for a fool. The consequence might be a strategy for manipulating relationships that involves money or other shared properties. 

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