Pisces November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 3663 views

Everyone is in search for comfort and feeling at ease with their own choices but this is more of a gift that is reserved for a few. So it does count when the stars promote this for you as it seems to happen this November.

There is a catch though, you will fight with some very personal thoughts before you can reach this. And I bet that for many of those who are reading this, the prospect of some troubling thoughts in nowhere near at the moment.

This is when the events that are to happen, either triggered by you or those around, enter the scene. This November will challenge you, will test your boundaries and make you come closer with your real thoughts and perhaps with some hidden fears.

Changes at work

It is very important how you react to what happens to you, no matter how small or insignificant you find the situation to be. Even a discussion with a coworker on something mundane will channel different energies this month.

You are to learn a lot, especially during the first week and it is only normal to feel a little bit more emotional than usual.

Some natives will have to deal with a rapid professional ascension, something that will bring them joy but also a lot of worries, not to mention, a different kind of dynamic with their colleagues.

Around the 10th you will have to make a decision that will influence others but not really yourself and you don’t really know how to relate to that.

Friendly challenges

Competition is healthy right, especially when is not happening to you. And this will probably be the case around the half of the month.

But this is still of interest for you and you are advised to follow up closely on what is going on, perhaps between two friends of yours, because you will have something to learn and win out of this.

It is essential how you position after this because you will get new information or unexpected support once you figure on which side you are.

There may be a mutual exchange there but in case you pick the wrong side, these favors risk turning against you.

It all may seem a bit childish but we know that even adults behave like children most of the time, especially when it comes to friendships and personal life.

Important resources

Money is tight for some, especially around the 20th when certain deadlines will have approached. So perhaps expect some sleepless nights, depending on how much interest and work you’ve put towards getting the resources to pay what you owe.

Those who are in charge of businesses or important family debt are going to feel this pressure triple as perhaps someone else is holding them accountable.

It is important not to hurry into any potential saving strategies that can only get you in further debt. Beware of the fine print if you decide to sign anything.

These episodes may not be pleasant and may leave important marks, in personal, business or family history but they happen, and sometimes you just need to deal with them, whether you created or not.

How you relieve stress

You will gain your peace and quiet to some extent during the last week of November because the interest suddenly switches and more things are being handled by others and you get to breathe easy.

This doesn’t mean that the accumulated stress will disappear, it is still there, covered by this fine sheet of imaginary peace. In order to relief that, if you really want to, some harsh choices might need to be taken.

You will have to draw some serious boundaries, perhaps even in your family dynamic and you should use this time to build up the strategy on how to do that without causing too much upheaval.

Other natives will be more interested in pursuing fun and entertaining activities and will engage on a risk taking path which raises some concerns, especially in terms of excesses that might lead to serious consequences.

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