Pisces November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 6644 views

You are going to start believing in the idea of fate dear Pisces after this November. Don’t imagine something completely out of the ordinary will happen but surely some small coincidences are going to happen and are going to leave you wondering.

Some natives will be inspired and will let themselves carried away so that they will come up with solutions to problems that they have had lingering for a long time. Whilst your partner may not be of the same opinion, you may even face adversity.

This will teach you a thing or two about believing in what you are able to accomplish and will help you move past limitations from those dear to you.

Love matters

Luckily, you are not going to mix whatever happens in your life with your relationship dynamics so this should not be impacted by the discussions you may have with your partner on different other themes.

Around the 10th you might actually experience quite a romantic disposition and will try to sweeten things up. Some natives will resort to planning an escape of some kind but may be limited by their budgets.

Also, you might find that it is not your love life that is taking you out of your comfort zone but rather it is something a sibling or a close friend is experiencing. You will be brought in to give precious advice and at times you may feel as a fraud.

When your health becomes a priority

Whilst you are allowed all sort of excesses in the first week of November, the rest of the month you should try and be careful, not to mention act your own age. It seems that you need more rest than usual and should also take care around condiments of all kinds.

You are going to display a better resistance to alcohol than usual but this is not to say you are allowed any excesses. Depending on how well rested you are and whatever else your body may also be battling, you might find that alcohol exacerbates all your problems, and on the long term.

Eat as many fruits as you can, actually hold a detox diet in the last week of the month, also in preparation for the holidays and to give your digestive system a new lease of life.

The kind of work you do

You will be very busy at work throughout November but it seems that your time will mostly be spend organizing and in meetings rather than doing desk based work.

You are excited about putting a particular plan in action and know that you will receive the praise of your superiors.

Around the 20th, you might want to be careful with this enthusiasm of yours because it might make you overlook important details.

Also, you are advised to make a list of priorities and start removing actions from there once they are done. You might find that this is a good exercise for your mind as well.

Revealing social life

It seems that the more exposed you are to people at work, the more attentive you become to the signals of those around as well.

You fancy being in the center of everyone’s attention but it seems that you will also have, this November, some moments in which you will simply crave for isolation.

After the 17th, you are in a better position to express your emotions and your need to be on your own without offending others, something that will help you in a lot of circumstances.

This month will not offer new friends though and you might actually find yourself craving some novelty in your social life, without figuring why.

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