Pisces November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 5124 views

It seems that this November will force to you come out of your dreamy world into the real one but luckily, there will be rewards involved too. This is going to be a month of spiritual and practical awakening, one in which you will be faced with the consequences of your actions.

And perhaps this is the best time for such an exercise as, hopefully by the end of the month, you will have some conclusions ready for the month of December when you will wish to prepare your list of what went well and what your New Year resolutions will be.

Essentially, this November, the stars are giving you the occasion to redeem yourself, understand how your actions impacted other people and also rejoice following the rewards of your moments of hard work.

Some of the natives will be luckier than others as they get to spend more time than usually with their loved ones.

Don’t be afraid of open and honest discussions, no matter how awkward they may seem. Practice this type of communication because not only it will provide you very useful insight, but it will also make you feel at peace with yourself.

A time of big hopes

The first week of November will mark a good time for professional advancement and whilst you are going to be very busy, you are not going to be very stressed out about what you need to do. You also seem to show more confidence in yourself than usual and this will of course help.

Jupiter’s quincunx aspect with Uranus debuting on the 8th will make you be more flexible about lifestyle changes and about your beliefs.

There are high chances for you to be more relaxed around this time and to abandon your caution and uncertainty to a little optimism. A good time to plan for the future and get your hopes high.

Be careful however not to take off entirely because your family will be quick to tax the fact that you are not remaining with your feet on the ground. You may also need to moderate your energy, whether through exercise or peaceful walks, or else your emotions may play some tricks on you.

On the 15th, the Mars sextile Uranus aspect debuts with some fun and games in your life, whether your social life picks up or you are just spending quality time with one friend.

Until the 16th, Venus will be in a retrograde movement so understandingly, there may be some confusion in the romantic territory. The confusion will most likely be linked to the many ways you can channel your passion and the fact that you may feel overwhelmed at times.

Around the 16, the opportunity of some kind of partnership will pose new prospects in your life and may see you dream with your eyes open. This is going to be a good time for a bit of introspection, your occasion to understand what your motivations are and whether this new opportunity is a fit or not for you.

Be more in tune with your body

Be ready for a bit of tension around the 19th, as people may accuse you that you have changed your attitude and it will be rather hard to get people to understand where it is that you are coming from with your ideas and reactions.

The Full Moon in Gemini occurring on the 23rd may bring some conclusions at work but will also fill you with some anger and frustration if things have not gone exactly like you wanted them to go. You will be quick to try and find the culprits but luckily, you are not going to throw any stones.

You can most certainly live with these feelings and there is no need to get other people involved. For the natives who are willing to dig deeper, this is a good occasion to draw some lessons about personal behaviour too.

It may be that around the 25th you need to be more careful about your health and perhaps prepare to give up a habit that is not healthy for you but in which you have consciously been indulging for a long time.

Be careful about your energy levels again, as it seems that the Mars sextile Saturn aspect debuting on the 27th can bring better endurance and help you with balancing life and physical activity. Take advantage of this disposition to be more in control of your body and to tone it.

There is also a special disposition of the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter taking place around this time and whilst for some signs it may throw a bit of a cloud over everyone’s heads, in your case, you may be able to connect with your spirituality better.

Whilst you may have started the month under great work auspices, it seems that you are ending it either with a break in your activity or with a stressful project on your hands. With either, you are going to get a break from the mundane, one that will be welcomed by some natives but might be cause of tension for others.

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