Pisces November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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November will be a month in which, whether or not you have taken care of your health the entire year, you will learn that there’s always more that can be done in this direction.

Even if works solicits you every step of the way, don’t forget to take care of your health too. Exercise, even mildly, take walks in nature, do yoga or dance.

Pisces should also make sure they’re eating the right foods, so if they happen to be fast food lovers, it’s time for their eating habits to change. This is a month in which their hard work will pay off.

The Horoscope tells those of them who have just fallen in love to not allow fantasies to take over their life. They need to get out of their own imagination and be realistic.

November 2020 Highlights

In November, many people are going to be faced with a period of waiting. You should pay more attention to your family and the home where you’re living because this is all that you need to do in order to be as happy as you can be.

Mid-November, you will be asked to take care on your own of a financial, international networking or traveling matter. You will have high ideals and be preoccupied with money, Pisces.

Until the 21st, the Sun, together with Mercury starting on the 11th and until the 30th, are both in Scorpio, are going to make you more sensitive as far as spirituality and ideals go.

The planetary group in Libra, consisting of Mercury until November the 10th and Venus until November 21st, will strengthen your libido and interest in all sorts of mysteries.

Mars in the sign of Aries will shake the sector related to assets, so you will pay close attention to your money. For the 2nd decan, you will have both spending and returns, being sometimes inspired and other times rude.

The planet Uranus comes to change your communication ways during the 1st decan. You will strengthen your friendship and finish projects for the last 2 decans of the month.

Starting with the 22nd, your socio-professional life will be illuminated by the Sun. Expect to get a raise too. Intuitive and fragile, you will not like the burning fire sensation of this month. At least your rich imagination will help your overcome any problem and remain optimistic.

Pisces Love Horoscope for November

The planet Neptune will be in your sign, so you will live in the dream world. Jupiter in the sign of Virgo will amplify all this and make it even more valid as far as your relationship is going.

You will respect your partner’s freedom and at the same time look for how emotionally available he or she can be.

After, Venus and Mars in Libra are going to make you more sensual and erotically communicative, so your connection with your other half will become deeper, even if there may be some moments of jealousy and some shadows in your couple life.

Love is going to manifest itself in a vehement manner. Pisces will be deep and more intense than ever, as well as erotic. Old and abandoned relationships will come again to the surface. Arieses will come into the life of Neptune’s children, convincing them of their authentic feelings.

On the other hand, Tauruses will be warm and affectionate, not to mention they will know when they need to change according to circumstances. Leos will always show Pisces how much they love them, either through romantic gestures or expensive gifts.

Career and Finances Horoscope

With Saturn in Sagittarius, placed in the professional achievement sector, you will be more committed to your work and make tremendous efforts to succeed in your career. Your determination and ambition will have you achieving your goals.

The manifestation of all this will be noticed in your great ideas, incredible productivity, increased responsibility and demanding attitude.

Furthermore, Mercury in Scorpio will keep your mind clear, so you will be able to very efficiently communicate with your colleagues. All through November, Pisces natives will realize how important it is to manage their money and time properly.

You will learn that having a good financial situation doesn’t only depend on the efforts you’re making at work, but also on how you’re budgeting. Virgos will help Pisces see what matter the most as far as gaining goes, teaching them how to no waster their energy on trivial matters.

Some fellow Libras will give them financial advice on how to fix their past mistakes.

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