Pisces November 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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You, Pisces, are in good shape and dynamic, which is best news. At the same time, you will have your loves flying you by, meaning that you will be appreciated. From a professional point of view, you enjoy a challenge, not to mention that you have the most excellent facilities to take on a challenge.

For the month’s first week, the stress is going to be beating you up. Everything will be boring, you won’t have too much motivation, and lack any reference. Around the 15th, there will be a small detail almost triggering you, so you will get your strength back, even look different so that you can start all over again. Your projects will be given a good boost from planetary influences.

Around the 17th, the means to start a business will be given to you. You will have your talents recognizes, so be proud. Expect to experience all sorts of new sensations with your partner. The time will be right for you to have passion, to do what’s making you passionate, to travel, and to communicate openly in the relationship.

Always look for freedom. Use the month to live out your passionate fantasies. Even if you didn’t tell your partner about any of your fantasies, the month will be good for you to share this fantasy of yours and to be enriched. Don’t be scared.

Accept the things coming. The more you allow yourself to be free, the freer you will be. In case you don’t happen to be with anyone, then go ahead and have some one-night stands, yet not without being precautious.

Be responsible with your adventures, as you don’t want trouble later. Traveling or contacting someone online might lead to a sexual relationship that doesn’t last long. Enjoy this relationship, as it will pleasure your body and bring satisfaction. Live your life following the Carpe Diem if this is what you want, as this is what the Horoscope is advising you to do.

November 2022 Highlights

November will be a prosperous and happy month, so enjoy it. Most planets will continue on your chart’s horizon and the Pisces’ 10th House of profession, bringing you more power later. Remain focused on profession and don’t think too much about the domestic and emotional problems.

You need to live in the moment, as there’s professional progress. Some opportunities might appear for you to get a salary increase, a promotion, or an award. Being sociable and knowing people will favor the progress that you’re making.

People in authority will also respect you more, so expect to get a new and interesting position. This is a month in which the planets will be moving from the Western position into the Eastern one. The process will take some time before it’s complete.

Meanwhile, you are at a peak and neutral situation, so you are in neither place. Allow your independence to grow, yet don’t do everything alone. Find balance between having your will imposed and seeking some consensus.

A great trine that will last for the entire month is going to bring you friendship and personal pleasure. With almost not even a single Earth element around, it’s important that you remained anchored in reality while reaping off the benefits of your success.

Watch out for expenses and don’t allow the sense of organization and structure to be abandoned. While you won’t be much interested in such things, don’t forget that God is continuing with details.

Like in October, the time will be good for traveling, getting some higher education, and all sorts of religious experiences. You will be revealed principles of logic, communication, and love, being answered to most of the whys in your life.

Love will be happy. In case you happen to be single, then foreign people who are rather exotic will attract you. They will be of a different culture and of a different religion than you. Traveling abroad won’t bring you only success in business, but it will also present all sorts of opportunities with love. In case you are with someone, travel abroad with him or her.

You will interact with people of a high social position and rank. When it comes to love, you will want to be with someone admirable and respectful, a person from whom you might be able to learn what fulfilling your life mission means. This month will be one of good health, but after November 22nd, you need to relax more by resting.

A good career will also influence your health, giving it a boost. The lunar eclipse will be kind to you, yet this doesn’t mean you don’t need to check your car and tech equipment. Don’t travel on the 20th, nor 2 days before and another one after.

Pisces Love Horoscope for November

In case the stars are putting things about your love life out there, then you will also be given clues about your future in the sentimental area. However, be as tolerant as you can be with your surroundings, and also calm.

Passion will be the appointment, and the possibilities will be yours. Believe in what you are dreaming of, as the planets will influence you in a positive manner. Together with the person you love, you will be adjusting ties and save any discord for you to start things over again.

You will plan on spending some moments privately with your other half, to secretly go out on a weekend trip. You will prepare a surprise that’s pleasant, making sure that its desired effect will take place. You will wait for the person who can give you a future when it comes to love, hopes that are going to contour themselves around the 17th. When doing so, you will give out an incredible smile and remain an amazing person.

While in crisis moments, established couples are going to be amazed to notice that it’s easy for them to overcome any disagreement and that the time they’re spending together is enjoyable. If you go to parties, then you will have the doors opened for connecting with supportive, upbeat, and new people.

These gatherings will help you feel united, as well as not in the way of anyone else. Single Pisces will have passionate adventures when traveling.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those working in a relationship of dependency will receive the cosmic support for them to get personally recognized, promoted, or have their assets increased. They must keep their profile low, not entering into any competition with the people they are working with.

News they were waiting on will be received, not to mention that they will spend more money than usual. Those who are self-employed, the more they act orderly and use their perception, the more they will be pleasantly surprised, closing business that bring them a lot of money with capable and new people.

On the 13th, Mars is going to begin its trajectory that’s direct into the 2nd House of the Pisces, encouraging financial resources achievement. At the same time, it might motivate the natives to take financial risks. While Chiron will continue to be in apparent decline here, in the 2nd House, this doesn’t mean you need to use all your available funds in order to cover for your emotional needs.

However, the planet Mercury is going to start a direct phase into the 8th House of the Pisces on the 3rd, a transit that’s going to be short-termed and end on the 10th, promoting conversations about money, with associates or family. A direct Mercury in the 8th House of the Pisces will also be an amazing ally when it comes to analyzing insurance and investment plans that have been postponed in the past.

Later on, when Mercury will move into the 9th House on the 10th, the academic and international procedures, as well as web page launches and publications, will be favored. Mercury in the 9th House is also indicating there’s the participation in new academic projects, research and any other extracurricular activity.

With the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius on the 23rd, there’s the indication that you will go on an unexpected trip, have exchanges with people from foreign places, and be more creative.

Your Wellbeing This Month

All sorts of mental problems will have the tendency to be somatised, meaning you will be feeling anguished, having your body affected. For this time period in which you will be nervous and tensioned, you might experience some symptoms that might take you to the doctor.

What happens will be related to your nervous system, so try some alternative medicine, as this can balance your emotions and works as a prevention as well. Don’t forget to spend some time in nature as well.

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