Pisces October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2429 views

Rules, rules, rules in marriage or partnerships in the Pisces October 2015 monthly horoscope ... just aren’t for you and even this makes that very clear for everyone. Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting Virgo, the sign responsible for your relationships means rules meant to help them work on a predictable basement.

But you know better than me that sticking to schedules, fulfilling duties on a regular basis and applying a moral code just aren’t for you. And your answer to such demands will be to fight against them.

Approaching obligations

And how could a Piscean best fight rules? By eluding them. I don’t think it’s good to approach your relationship-related obligations in such a way, but let’s face it: Neptune in your sign forms oppositions to those planets in Virgo.

Moreover, other tense aspects involving demanding Mars and Venus in Virgo will occur (for instance, the square to Saturn in Sagittarius), bringing along difficulties in building or consolidating morally ‘’clean’’ social connections with influence on your professional position or career growth.

But what planets in Virgo might sustain for you is friendships due to the trines they form with Pluto, especially at the end of October. So, a very practical help might come from there.

The “right” sharing to stir money issues

Until October 9, while Mercury is still retrograde in Libra, delayed or odd developments are very probable to appear regarding shared money or patrimony, no matter the circumstances: partition, inheritance, loans, assurances, common investments and so on.

The risk for you is that people close to you might take advantage of your empathy in order to obtain more than what is fair. So, my advice is to postpone any final decision regarding these matters for the time when Mercury goes direct again.

This will occur starting October 10, but be aware that challenges won’t lack due to a square to Pluto and to an opposition to Uranus. Therefore, I would recommend you two things:

  • Firstly, not to mix friendship with money.
  • Secondly, not to let your individual goals and projects for earning more money be altered by compromises that are too big. 

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Iulia Trandafir, Senior Astrology Writer

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