Pisces October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3992 views

For some natives, this month will be one of work, professional challenges and rewards, and in general, made out of busy days, endless calls and meetings. For others, this month will be one of learning, both for personal development and emotionally.

In both cases time will fly and this is actually a good thing. There is no stagnation for you this month and although you don’t get any real rest or moments of laziness, you won’t miss them at all. You just need to be practical about what you can and what you can’t accomplish.

There are no real setbacks these days, aside from those you are putting forward yourself. So if there is a battle for you this October, it is only with yourself.

Socially, you might have to avoid the company of some people who might be hissing some not so kind words in your ears but again, this is something you can handle yourself perfectly fine.

Leisure first

Work will cover a lot from your thoughts but this doesn’t mean that you set on this foot from the beginning. It appears that you will be quite dreamy during the first few days and will resort to all kinds of tricks, just to avoid too much work.

There may be some decisions for you to make, but these are all kind of frivolous and don’t really impact you on the long term so you can discover them by yourself. You might be challenged socially and might spend a few days away from home.

There is a word of warning for these few days and involves who you trust and what things you rely on others. Don’t expect to be supported by your friends just because and try to continue being as independent as you usually are.

Some troubles

You know how when you avoid something for some time, it usually comes back to bite you a lot harder. This is similar to what is going to happen to you and work, especially in those areas of responsibility which you chose to ignore.

Your colleagues might not be very happy with you either, especially if they had to solve some things left by you. There are ways in which you can make things better with them and you are strongly advised to pursue them.

Some financial gain will motivate you and will probably have you spring back in action, but the timing is not the best.

Around the 12th you might have to deal with some debt or loss of some kind and you will not take it that easy, especially if it impacts more than your finances and more than the short term.

Passion getting mixed in

Mercury asks for prudence but also offers some occasions to properly connect with your partner so don’t be afraid to open up to them. Some natives might be in contact with someone from their past and some useful guidance might be offered.

Passionate moments around the 17th but you also need to be careful not to lose you head entirely. There is quite the risk of being unfaithful if temptation strikes. You are trying to appear as something you are not and this is where most trouble arises from.

When others follow their interest, you should do the same, not with theirs but with your own. This might pose the question of what you want and why your emotions dictate some of the important decision you make.

The 20th might bring travel opportunities for some but quickly they will discover that there might be some strings attached to that. They will have to decide how much this opportunity values in their own opinion.

Busy times

Although things are going to be hectic at times, you still need to recognize the merits of a good night’s sleep and therefore, make sure you abide by this rule.

Not to mention the fact that Mars combines with Saturn to keep this knife close to your back, ready to push, if you break some limits. Remain grounded and don’t risk your own health too much with any excesses.

This doesn’t mean however that work is an excess, to some extent at least, so you are definitely not allowed to put this reason forward, especially if you have deadlines and other similar project that you need to finish in time.

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