Pisces October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 4314 views

You will prefer to keep a lot of what is going on in your life private and you won’t speak much about your feelings this October, no matter how prompted you may be by those around. You also seem to be very attentive not to leave the wrong impression and will be reluctant to make promises, just to make sure you don’t disappoint anyone.

This attitude of yours, although safe, may bring some unexpected comments but luckily, you are not one to take them personally now.

Also, you may find that despite wanting to keep things private, your communications skills are benefited and you can tackle some complex issues in a fairly straightforward manner.

Love and secrets this October

You may want to keep your love life away from any curious eyes this month as it seems that flashing everything you do to everyone will bring a lot of unwanted comments. And even what you might consider as being discrete might still bring some misunderstandings.

Now everyone who may be reading this will probably start wondering what scandalous things could you be doing but it seems that this has more to do with some people not being very happy with how happy you are rather than anything outrageous you might be doing.

Don’t forget about a date you may have planned during the second half of the month as it seems that there are some chances you will, perhaps because of being too busy with work.

On the same note, don’t even think about postponing any dates, no matter how many gifts you may be planning to bring afterwards to make up for your mistake.

How you are and how you appear?

It seems that this month particularly in the first three weeks, you will need to be very careful with how you appear towards some people, because they might take some offence in your very direct way of taking things.

This is to say that despite it looking counterproductive, sometimes you just need to take your foot off the accelerator pedal. You can rest assured that those around will notice that this is not your fault that things are not streamlined.

You are gaining a lot more respect than you would think by pointing out the right direction and then offering background support rather than by being very pushy and all over the place.

Around the 26th your personal life will mix with work and you might be challenged from both direction. This in turn will make you quite emotional and prone to some outburst so be careful how you control what you feel like saying.

How’s your health?

You might want to be careful with what you expose your body to this month, especially in the first half as it seems that there are chances for some weaknesses to be activated. You won’t be happy to hear this but at least you can consider yourself warned.

It seems that your ability to recover after any sickness is diminished so those in convalescence are going to have a harder time than usual. Also, if you feel something is out of sync, it is best to get a specialist to look at you.

What may also put an unnecessary stress on yourself is the fact that you feel pressure on your budget and might postpone some investigations because you feel guilty for having to take money off your budget for this.

Good news about projects

Anything you have going on this month, whether at home (like renovations) or in your social life (like preparing a trip with your friends) is likely to advance at a faster pace than expected. The stars are helping you, especially if you have put a lot of effort in the whole endeavor.

There may be some emotional moments kicking here and there, especially around the 22nd when you will be quite tense and your thoughts sort of limited.

But after this moment, the comeback will be quite bold and you will manage to convince even your greatest critics that you know exactly what you are doing.

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