Pisces October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The main lesson this October refers to moving away from the past and trying to forge a journey towards the future. You may be given chances to learn new things and explore new territories but despite you taking these chances, making the best out of them will depend on your mindset.

During the first half of the month you may find that a deep belief of yours or a life principle may end up being altered and you will have a hard time coping with this. This is because you are so tied to aspects that are not even healthy for you.

Some natives will come across some study opportunities of all sorts and their minds will be a little bit freer because they are motivated to succeed.

It appears that your focus will also switch, as the month nears its end, towards long term plans, although you are not going to action straightaway.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury sextile Pluto aspect occurring on the 22nd will give you the occasion to show the power of your intellect and to make use of your convincing skills, perhaps in an entourage of very important people.

Ambitions and changes

The first week of October you are likely to be rather averse towards mundane activities and you will definitely try to run away from chores at home. Remember that there are small experiences that you can benefit from even in these types of activities that you would otherwise find so annoying.

With the New Moon debuting in Libra on the 9th, you will borrow from the calm and ethical demeanour of this sign but this is not to say that you will be giving up your main trait, which is dreaming.

On the contrary, it appears that you will be expanding your horizon and will be even more flexible about what you think is possible.

After the middle of the month, you are advised to complete any work activities that require logic and extraordinary attention because there will be several achievements you could come up with.

Money may be slightly slow this month, but you need to understand that the less you work, the less rewards are going to come your way.

It may be that you also need to invest a bit to get something more and you are not very happy at this thought.

The ambitions of a friend might hinder you a bit during the last week of the month, perhaps because you may have imagined that they would take another path, and now that they haven’t, you may be a little disoriented.

You need to clarify with yourself that this only comes from your well thought intentions and your desire to help them. As soon as you understand your place in the equation, you are not going to feel any more pressure with regards to this.

Special: Your love life this October

How you see yourself and your behaviour is likely to be completely different from how others see you this October so be careful about exposing your emotions.

You will get the chance to reconnect with your loved one because it appears that the stars are routing to see you settled. However, this might come at the price of certain key compromises, so consider yourself warned about this.

There will be moments, especially with the retrograde of Venus that occurs on the 5th, when you will not feel very comfortable in your own skin or even feel that your relationship is not very consolidated.

There will be moments of doubt and a little possessiveness which will be something rather new for you. It appears that in most cases, the significant other will not really be offended but take this as more of an extra proof of love.

Single native may be attracted to someone who is completely wrong for them and despite them sort of being aware of this, they are going to continue with this crush until something happens. And this something can mean the start of a relationship, a fling or a no-go from that person.

At least the time spent pursuing this crush will be very enjoyable, for this we can be sure, also because the Pisces lover will be very invested in their wooing.

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