Pisces October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The month of October announces new beginnings in terms of goods and housing for the Pisces natives. It can be a great chance to restructure your shared budget with your partner and you can rethink your priorities.

In any case, you have another three weeks to think about it. Starting with the 17th, the stars finally indicate that there may be a resolution to a financial dilemma of yours.

Neptune helps you make the best decisions, and your energy seems to be at its best during this period.

Partnerships are going well and small disputes can be solved simply through friendly discussions.

In the latter part of the month you will think more about the future and what you want to do in the medium and long term with your life. Chances of unexpected earnings could also occur.

October highlights

The month might start with a bit of a misunderstanding and you will have to prove your innocence. It is important to be clear about your intentions and not let anyone spread any rumours about you.

However, the relationship with the family will be excellent. Your loved ones will be with you during this period and will help you to overcome the problems that will arise.

You will have beautiful moments with your loved ones and you will enjoy the time spent together.

Around the 14th, you might be offered more opportunities to travel and even try something you long wanted to try.

You are more competitive than usual and also more likely to quarrel. You may be quite easily engaged in debates without a clear stake.

During the second half of the month one particular skillset of yours will help you shine and you will feel very proud of the attention you are receiving.

Pisces love horoscope for October 2019

Marriage or a serious relationship potential could be in the air for you this October but the real question is whether this is really advisable for you.

This is because it might clash with your needs for personal development and freedom. You are quite pretentious with your expectations and will not lower them for anything in the world.

It is difficult to manage a serious relationship if you are never in one place for too long and do not know where you will be from one month to another or from one week to another.

It is difficult to manage a serious relationship when you constantly change your image and define yourself more and more often, upgrading to your old version.

The partner potentially fell in love with an older version of you and after a while he discovers that you are a completely different person. In many cases, this will indicate which is a serious relationship and which is not.

In other cases, a relationship will appear, but with many ups and downs. Those involved emotionally with a Pisces native should expect a big change, but also a lot of enthusiasm.

Career and finances progress this month

Even if you are left with a bitter taste, by some disillusion this October in your professional life, enjoy the opportunity to see reality as it is and to decide the direction you should be headed, knowing what you now know.

Mars, the planet that governs your money will be transiting your Seventh house, that of associations and partnerships so it’s natural to assume that any increase in your revenue will depend on how well you interact with others.

Put your social skills out there, especially around the middle of the month and make sure you bring powerful allies close to you. A bit of fake it till you make it will also help.

With Venus also transiting you, be careful about financing from inheritances or big purchases. You could win some unexpected benefits or could have trouble disposing of some big asset.

Be cautious in the second half of the month, because not everything is what it seems. Not all the proposals you receive from friends or certain groups or from a multinational benefit you.

It could be that a friend of yours can help you with their professional expertise and even get you out of a potential trouble so be open to what others are telling you, especially after the 23rd.

Health and wellbeing

The coming of autumn disturbs you a little and gives you some irritability. You do not feel in your waters, you do not sleep well and you do not like anything.

Although you blame the cold, Neptune's downgrade in your sign is the one that accentuates your condition.

Spend time with your loved ones, load up on their energy and you will return to better feelings.

You need clarity and openness to change the direction you are heading, professionally or personally.

There are no question marks and the pressure to make some important choices is great, but you should not be afraid to ask for your rights, especially if it is about money, even if close people are involved.

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