Pisces October 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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You will have all sorts of troubles acquiring a position for yourself, so making decisions is going to be difficult, especially as your love life is going to make you rather dizzy. For October’s first days, you will feel sort of destabilized, as the period that’s blurry will rapidly disappear.

Starting with the 16th, there will be your horizon emerging, and for this moment, you’re going to be benefiting from the influences of the planets. There will be changes, opportunities, and transformations awaiting you before October 31st, and this is going to put a smile on your face.

In case it’s not easy for you to keep up with the hectic pace that you have every single day, then have a break and don’t feel guilty about it. Take some time to deal with yourself and delegate some tasks, find some hobbies that are new to you, as well as new activities. Around October 22nd, you will find at work how pleasurable it is to invest, so don’t hesitate to collaborate.

October 2022 Highlights

This month you need to invest more work so that your income increases, and very likely, there have been financial controversies and conflicts in which you have been involved.

Vitality and health are going to improve. There will be home and work harmony, love life is going to improve, while things will remain complicated, as Mercury is going to be retrograde until October 6.

After, Venus will retrograde again. There will be all sorts of power struggles with the other half ending, and the harmony is going to be restored. Most planets are going to remain in the sign’s Western sector, so it won’t be any need to seek for any consensus or seek for other’s collaboration.

This period won’t be of imposing your will or launching yourself. Just like during September, most planets will be over your chart’s horizon, meaning external ambitions and career will be more important than emotional and domestic matters.

You will have achievement from the outside bringing you only emotional harmony and not the reverse. Career will go well, especially starting with the 15th and until the 23rd. Your goals will be clear, and you will gain a purpose sense, not to mention that you will benefit from the most abundant energy for accomplishing.

The 8th and the 9th Houses are going to be powerful for the month, meaning there will be room for personal transformation, deep psychology, and being free from the extra baggage, no matter if this is about material, emotional, or the mental baggage.

The month will be great for detoxifying or losing weight, paying debts, and allowing others to prosper before yourself. The period will also be good for attracting economic help and externalizing the capital you need for the projects you have in work.

The month will also be spiritual, as the religious and philosophical sensitivity will be strong. You will be more interested in learning and higher education, and this type of knowledge will be given to you. The foreign countries are going to be inviting for you, meaning that many Pisces natives will travel, either to study or to work.

The 9th House’s power is going to bring you all sort of joy and optimism. Your personal horizons will widen. In case you are looking for a job, the month will also be successful. There will be job opportunities coming from the partner, as well as when you’re working with the partner to build finances.

Job opportunities will also arise from abroad. As said before, your health is going to improve. Health programs will be much more interesting, and you will have success with them. Health will be favored for as long as you follow all sorts of detoxification programs and maintain harmony with your loved ones and your friends.

After October 23rd, there will be new perception and knowledge regarding health. If you make a mental discovery, then your health is going to be favored.

Pisces Love Horoscope for October

You will need much more attention than you usually give. In the month’s beginning, you will ask your loved ones to be kind. You will do it right until you will obtain the love proof of the people in your surroundings.

Around October 21st, things are going to change, as you will decide to no longer be harsh and more flexible. Suddenly, you will have your relationship clearing up, as there will no longer be any clouds in the sky. The month’s end is going to be pleasant, so remain focused on communication.

The love stories that you have won’t need much of your involvement, regardless of if of recent times or not, as it won’t be stability you will be looking for, but quality.

Around October 14th, there will be someone who loves you that might ask you for a formalization of the relationship, so you will need to choose, as it will be your one and only decision. There will a period of deep reflection for the Fish when it comes to all things about communication and love.

You will talk a lot after each encounter that seems passionate. In the couple, things are going to emerge in a stronger manner, and it will be as if things are going to change, as the position held and chosen won’t provide them enough energy.

You won’t back away. The passivity will be gone, and the claims of unrealized dreams achieved. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do when it comes to love, you won’t hesitate to maintain your position until your projects are being carried out.

Caution! Those Fish who happen to be married or in love are going to have crisis moments with their other half. While the planets Mars and Venus are going to make the sign seem good, Venus retrograde from October 9th is going to ruin conciliation hopes, the conciliation hopes that were brewing.

Also, they’re going to have their intimate desires restrained, as a result of the negative incidence of the planet Saturn. Those Fish who are single will have the best luck, as it won’t be difficult for them finding their other half. They will go on trips and study higher, which will captivate them.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Pisces is going to create all sorts of opportunities. No longer being aggressive, they will proceed with cautiousness to achieve the goals they have set out for themselves.

They will have all sorts of original ideas and aim for the objectives that are the most unusual. Their assaults won’t spare any criticism, but the Pisces won’t give in any persistence, as their detractors will be stepping aside.

Furthermore, all sorts of confusing situations compromising the natives’ prestige is going to be clarified. October is going to conclude some incredible news from foreign countries, allowing them to have their professional field open.

Success, those working in a relationship of dependency are going to have a flourishing period at work. They are going to receive recognition for their creative ability, and their merits are going to bring them to promotions, not to mention their salaries will arrive from gifts.

Freelancers working alone, the more they take advantage of their perceptions and anticipate any circumstance. They will receive the opportunities for succeeding and advancing. Those working in partnerships will arrive at all sorts of beneficial agreements, yet it won’t be easy for them. Remain patient and help the differences to be clarified.

Your Wellbeing This Month

No activity is going to make the Fish tired. You will have strength and be empowered, no matter the project you might be developing. For October’s first week, you might experience some joint issues. The time will be right for you to analyze your diet.

You also need to no longer consume red meat, neither fat, as this is going to cause you disorders. As of the 7th of October, the results will be checked for the healthier habits, and the attention will be focused on the part that’s aesthetic.

Some are going to go on diets in order to lose weight, whereas others will have their image improving. They will be exposed to great stress, which will have them being irritated, not to mention their emotions are going to be affected.

In this situation and as a result of their excess sensitivity that will be affecting them for the time period, the month is going to be one in which you need to take good care of yourself and be preventive with your health.

You will need to be in contact with water and relieve the tension that you’re suffering from. There’s a piece of advice that you need to follow, take showers and immerse in baths, as this will work as a sedative for you. Charge yourself with the highest positive vibrations and remain purified.

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