Pisces September 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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In the month’s beginning, your characteristic romantic nature is going to find its own place, so you’re going to practically shine. Make sure you don’t become too heavy, even though this is in your nature.

Some insignificant separations should be expected, however, nothing too serious, just what you need to set some limits. You will still have many moving and beautiful encounters. During the month’s 3rd week, there will be a new family project getting born, so you have a busy mind.

When taking the initiative, you’re very happy and the spouse is encouraging. Being full of energy, you’re seen as a really exciting warrior. This time period is a favorable one, as everything you’re doing is leading you to success.

What the planets are doing is benefiting your projects, not to mention your friendship and romantic relationships are favored too. Before anything else, determine what makes you flourish on a personal level.

September 2021 Highlights

A tiny bit fickle in their everyday life, Pisces are going to have a period of continuous ups and downs. They will experience mood swings and days in which they’re the most optimistic and enthusiastic, also days in which they’re down.

It would be a good idea for them to pay attention to their emotions and try to solve the chaotic state of mind in which they’re in, all by themselves. It’s very likely the stars are going to bring them a work trip, or they may be transferred for a professional matter.

This will be beneficial for professionals, but not so good for those of them who are more focused on family. While accepting a promotion could bring them great money benefits, they may still jeopardize their most important relationships.

Pisces will also need to let go of what no longer serves them well if they want to advance in their career.

In September, they as well need to give more importance to their family, their children especially, so if they decide to take a work trip, they should spend as much free time as possible with their loved ones, just before leaving.

Pisces Love Horoscope for September

Neptune being in retrograde in the 2nd House of Aquarius can change the wrong perception that you have of your own person and the things you believe in. This month, Chiron in retrograde will make you see things in a realistic manner.

Chiron will be in retrograde in the 3rd House of the Water Bearer, inviting you to analyze the inner talks you have with yourself. In spite of Lilith being rebellious in the 2nd House, which pushes you to not be objective, Chiron being in retrograde is going to have focusing more on your inner self, also possessing more self-esteem.

Uranus will be in retrograde in the 4th House of Aquarius, which will shake your ground a bit, making you feel less secure about your home and family connections. However, don’t look at this transit and interpret it as being a punishment, seeing it’s nothing else but a chance for you to build up your own security, look at the patterns you’re following, and heal yourself emotionally.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Until September 16th, your busines and work prospects are looking very good. Decide to take advantage of this month by solving the financial issues you have on hold, signing contracts, starting new business or getting a new job where you could be completely dedicated.

From this date on, it would be a good idea for you to adopt a routine, especially due to the fact that many things are going to come in your way, which means you need some stability. Pisces, who are students, will be tremendously rewarded for their intellectual efforts, so they should expect to win a scholarship, especially starting with September 8th.

As far as money goes, it can be said all natives of the Fish will be balanced and know how to put something aside. They have been doing this for some time already, so now they can afford to spoil themselves, yet they won’t do it because they’re thinking about the future.

Your Wellbeing This Month

It will be very enjoyable to have more willpower. In September, Pisces need to pay attention to some of the health problems they have been experiencing for quite a while. Those of them who are sufferers of a chronic disease may need to follow a new line of treatment.

They will have enough energy to do so, but they need to make sure that they stick to it. Furthermore, it’s important for Fish natives to pay more attention to their diet. They also shouldn’t binge eat because this can cause them to have a bad mood, they will not be able to get rid of easily.

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