Sagittarius April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 2621 views

You might want to consider sharing some of those responsibilities with your coworkers or else you will be swamped with work the whole month. These are the main prospects for you unfortunately if you don’t take matters into your own hands.

And the good news is that you will be charming enough to convince even the most reluctant person that your ideas are good.

Mercury is set to govern over your love life during this period so don’t be surprised if you agree something today and then things go the other way around tomorrow. You’ll feel some sort of inner anger about this but try not to exteriorize this because you don’t’ need any conflict.

What you can and what you can’t do

Especially during the first week of the month when you might suffer from some health issues as well. Nothing of too much risk but serious enough to put you to rest and interrupt some of your activities.

This also means that you might be prohibited to exercise for a while, something that will take some natives to a whole new level of anguish and frustration.

There is still some interesting potential in this April but you will have to be patient as it seems that it will start to unravel after the 10th. Other than this, don’t make any short term plans because you won’t be able to keep them, especially if it involves other people.

So the main advice for you is to take each day as it is and make the most. And although it might seem like a cliche, given the star disposition, you will actually be supported in this impulsive lifestyle.

Don’t expect for childishness to be supported because there is a fine difference between flexibility and indulging and the last is not invited to the party. With Mars in your sign, do expect a lot of initiatives and cravings but you will have to prioritize your desires, at least for now.

Results in exchange for efforts

In terms of financial rewards, you won’t miss any and some might say they are actually plenty, perhaps more than you would deserve, given the amount of work you will be doing this month.

But perhaps you are actually getting some things back from previous months or commit yourself to work on a particular project in the future. In any case, hope there is no more need to warn you about shopping sessions for items you don’t need or such.

Around the 20th some intellectual efforts are going to culminate with some tangible results, perhaps at work or with some helping hand you threw in for a friend.

In any case, this will make you feel more than on top of things for a while but all enthusiasm will crumble in case you receive any criticism.

Another downside of this month will be your excessive weakness when it comes to criticism and how you take blame. You’ll prefer to hide and negate everything, even when faced with actual evidence and this will ruin your trustworthiness in front of a particular authoritarian person.

Reluctance at its best

The last weekend of the month catches you in mood to reinvent something around but too lazy or disinterested to reinvent yourself so you’ll probably try anything from moving furniture around to changing the hour you wake up or take your meals.

This might be related to your need to do something new but inability to actually find a good idea and start something.

But despite this assumed recklessness, when it comes to family matters you seem to be the most aware and focused person and end up dealing with all kinds of practicalities on behalf of everyone. 

This coupled with the money we were just talking about might transform you into a personal philanthropist for one relative in particular but you should keep some boundaries or else you will be taken as a fool.

A desk job

The last two days of the month are going to be particularly hard on yourself as you are dealing with work matters that involve research and spending a lot of time at the desk, something you don’t generally welcome but that will prove excruciating at this point.

You’ll still approach the task with a lot of determination, set all kinds of rewards for interim situations and plan for a special retreat after all this is over.

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