Sagittarius April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The challenge this April will be to move away from any negative influences in your life, whether you already perceive them as negative or just didn’t mind them so far.

You need to rethink your reactions at work in order to do more of what is good for you. There is this saying that you should practice more of: Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

During the first half of the month, activities that tend to the domestic domain will be favored and you may find that this is where you are most lucky: bargains included.

There is a caveat here though, this is a time of average results so don’t expect anything outstanding to take place. Be happy and comfortable with what you already have and what you can make out of it. Any disappointment will clog your creativity and leave you further frustrated.

We need to say it as it is, there may be instances where earnings will not be up to expectations and you will need to cut down on your demands. Luckily, a balancing act will come out of your interactions with important and influential people who will be willing to support you through those episodes. You will need to reward them with your time and ideas.

There will be occasions of personal growth and some natives may even undergo a significant transformation, important for the completion of their destiny. This may be triggered by a rather unpleasant incident but will take such a high emotional charge that it will soon be forgotten how it all started.


TOP TIP of the month: This April changes in your lifestyle are encouraged, especially if they only involve yourself. Should you want to interfere with the lives of those around, you will need to make sure you let them know about your plans.

Family oriented

Watch your spending during the first week of the April, especially if you are feeling under the weather because this is when you will most likely be tempted to buy things you don’t really need.

There is a lesson to learn from any financial difficulties you may encounter and one of the first things you need to do is go to the source of what makes you unhappy.

During the second week things are picking up and your resistance to silly purchases also increases. Your mood is becoming lighter and you can actually start taking advantage of the energy provided by the Sun residing in Aries.

Family engagements will increase as well and you will be asked to take responsibility for some preparations. Your ideas will be plentiful but so will your critiques. You will tend to be very sentimental about what you plan for others, especially if there are children involved.

On the 14th, the Jupiter Pluto sextile reinvents your position at work and you are finally at peace with your professional commitments. This is a time of wealth creation and personal growth but in order to achieve its potential, you need to separate your personal life from work.


Enhance! You have the occasion to break away from past tendencies and become better at expressing your emotions as the New Moon on the 16th will align its vibrations with the purpose to bring those close to your heart close to you in the real world as well.

Love complications

Your goals will be very high around the 17th and your expectations of others even higher. There may be some issues with your health around this time so you might want to go see a specialist.

Your biggest fear may actually be regarding how much this will cost you but it is safe to say that this is not going to put a dent in your budget.

Whilst generally you are not very open in showing the full extent of your emotions to anyone, the moment you meet them, this April things will be slightly different. You don’t have time to waste and will be sincere and straightforward in all your endeavors.

You will definitely feel offended if this is not reciprocated but the effects of your scorn in love will make themselves noticed later on.

Venus, your planet of beauty and love will be encouraging you to open up but will also prompt you to be more understanding, advice you are not necessarily willing to listen to. You may even decide to stir things by launching confusing comments out there.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun conjunct Uranus aspect, developing between the 16th and the 20th of the month will have you rebel against norm, but only when benefits can be expected. Otherwise, you will function perfectly fine, in actually good collaboration with your peers.

Whatever could be

The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th may interfere with your plans at work, despite the fact that partnerships of all sorts will be benefited.

It may be that you want to be the only one soaking in the spotlight or that you don’t seem to make good friends with authority.

You will show just how competitive you are and may even resort to altering your schedule to ensure you are working to the best capacity. You need to be careful about getting the right amount of sleep or else you will end up like a work junkie turned zombie.

With Mars in the neighboring sigh Capricorn, you will be searching for authenticity in the relationships with those around but it will never occur to check whether you are offering the same.

Sports and adventures, travel and escapade ideas are going to captivate your attention but deep inside, you may be reluctant in pursuing any of these. You are rather comfortable at home and will want to explore this further before you start exploring anything else.

There is no shame in refraining from taking opportunities like the ones above. The difficulties only appear when your heart is craving one thing and your mind decides the opposite. You are only tormented by your own thoughts.


Watch out! Mars retrograde is not the most auspicious disposition for you, to say the least. Any mistakes, especially those occurring when taking risks, are going to be heavily penalized.

A lucky strike

The last week of April will surface some neglected responsibilities, perhaps to yourself. Amongst feelings of guilt, a feeling of anguish towards lost time will make itself felt.

Your emotions will range from pity till anger and in the end, you may even blame those around for your own choices.

Luckily, you are not willing to stay in this state for too long and will take on board Jupiterian influences. You will seek entertainment, especially in the company of your friends.

This is an occasion to re-discover how attractive and charming you are and perhaps set out business with the most unlikely of people. You will get the chance to tie some loose ends and close deals on the spot.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th may be challenging for some but you are on a lucky strike and definitely not willing to let yourself influenced.

Your only slip up may actually occur in your love life, manifesting through you accepting blindly a proposition you would otherwise decline.

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