Sagittarius April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Entertainment and social activities will come your way this April but you must be careful to listen to the authorities’ advice to protect yourself and those close. There are so many ways of having a good time without risking anything and you should seek them, rather than spend all your time on your own.

An experience that will be brought to the forefront should be well learned and perhaps will give you a lot to think for a while.

Your work area brings you pleasant circumstances, and some of you may receive a financial reward, but remember that promises are only promises, so don’t make plans with the said money until it actually becomes a reality.

Many may contemplate a change of residence as you begin to feel restless in your surroundings. A good opportunity to do this might come your way.

This month, every Sagittarius can enjoy a new wave of positive energy. Due to Mercury's influence, your ability to make decisions will be quick and imaginative.

The inherent problems in the relationship will be solved. Now is the right time to have deep discussions and to put your feelings on the table so don't be afraid to take the first step in this direction.

April highlights

At the start of April, some misunderstandings may arise between you and some of your family members. Whilst battling these you get to know yourself better with your life partner and if you are single, the chances of meeting a special person increase. During or around the 7th, the likelihood of linking new partnerships or collaborations increases, but keep an eye on expenses.

During or around the 10th, the danger of challenges and obstacles in the professional plane increases. During or around the 15th, stay away from unnecessary expenses. Avoid them up until the 20th, but keep in mind that problems can also occur in the workplace.

From the 23rd onwards, you get to know yourself better with your co-workers and show a high efficiency. During or around the 27th, however, problems occur in the workplace, and some of them may involve workmates.

Sagittarius love horoscope for April

The love life of the Archer is unpredictable in April 2020. Events and situations can happen quickly, especially between the 11th and the 25th, when Mercury speeds through the house of love.

At the start of April, Venus also supports those Sagittarians who want to enter into new relationships or meet new and interesting people. There are no problems with personal charm, but if you are interested in a longer-term relationship, it is desirable to be more altruistic and attentive to the wishes of others.

Mercury governs the house of the relations and the marriage of the Sagittarius, and its repetition through the house of sentimental adventures and focused romance can prove especially beneficial to older relationships.

Some now have the opportunity to revive or even become hotter than ever, rediscovering the passion and drive to do something together in the long term.

For some Sagittarius, however, Mercury's rapid transit through the house of love may inspire a dive into temporary flings, regardless of their marital status. If you are looking for fun, be warned that when pay time comes, you could very much regret all your actions.

It is quite possible that your life partner will hold you accountable for not taking things seriously, for not taking responsibility and for doing only what goes through your head.

In the short term, it does not hurt to live the moment, but you should do well to take into account the impact your actions have on others.

Career and finances

The natives of this sign have so much work at home that they could forget about an important meeting to attend or similar, during the first week of April.

It will also be very difficult to say no to new projects and engagements, especially if those come accompanied by a hefty financial reward, so many may find themselves having to work more hours than usual.

Around the 20th, good care should be taken with what is promised and very clear and concise expectations should be laid out from the start, in order to avoid confusion, misunderstandings and future disappointments.

Towards the end of this month Sagittarius may be a little too impulsive and do some things they would not normally do, just because they will become sick and tired from waiting around for others.

Health status

This month is less about thinking of health concerns and more about discoveries and fun so you will keep both your mind and soul in quite a good state and benefiting of good energy.

However, during the last two weeks of the month it would be good to slow down slightly, to allow yourself time for recovery and rest, and to even think about changing your diet, where necessarily to avoid some excesses.

Sagittarians with older health problems, may even have to think about paying for some specialized medical interventions and there isn’t much room to postpone them anymore. Monitor your health in as much detail as you can and be less afraid of the professionals because they are only there to help you.

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