Sagittarius August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3403 views

It appears that the beginning of the month will be quite auspicious in terms of professional advancement, either that you really are promoted or that your efforts are recognized at an official level. This might bring some new income in your home but you will also be keen to spend it to indulge yourself a bit.

But what you should extract out of this is that professional and serious behavior brings results, especially if you are trying to make a late impression before going on a holiday.

The first few days will offer you occasions to show what you have learned and other chances for further development and not necessarily at work.

Some natives may discover some kind of hidden talent while others will rekindle their relationship with a forgotten hobby.

A lot of temptation

Mercury and Venus will safeguard your love life from disappointment and in general your life from making any wrong choice but this is not bullet proof, especially if you let your impulses govern you. This is the main battle you seem to carry this August.

There will be temptations, some from the exterior, others that you will be brewing in your mind and you will have to be very careful to how you react to them and which do you pursue.

There will be occasions to have fun, especially with your friends so don’t imagine you need to shut down every gate to entertainment. It’s just that matters of self-consciousness and responsibility will also come to play.

And to make things even trickier, it seems that any consequences to your current actions will only make themselves felt later on during the month.

Where to find motivation

Around the 12th you benefit from a very rich imagination but don’t seem to put it to great use and instead prefer to dwell between extremes and all kinds of thoughts. You are keen to try new things but can’t stop yourself from thinking about all kinds of what ifs.

There is a lot of potential in your plans but you simply need to let go of your fears, at least temporarily. This may also be happening because those around you are not necessarily in their most lucrative state, probably due to the slump of the summer months.

To some extent, you aren’t necessarily cautious but more like unmotivated and lazy. You might try to search for what you lack in your family but they may be busy with their own thing. Be the mature person and don’t take it on them just because they are not available when you want them to be.

What you argue on

The second half of the month catches you in a generous mood and you really try to brighten the day of anyone you come in contact with. In the cases of some people you are going to invest more than effort and this might lead to some discussions at home.

Perhaps not everyone in your family is happy with you spending money on other people, especially if you don’t know them that well.

What you can do is to continue to follow your intuition because you have an eye for these things during this period. Mercury preparing to go retrograde will provide lucidity around you but there may be some mixed signals that you will have to navigate on your own before this happens.

Being out there

Your family will eventually come to grips on that matter, especially if you focus your attention on them for a change. A discussion that has been going on for years has chances to clear and not necessarily because you open the discussion.

Also, if you have any important purchase planned for this period, then you kind of have a go ahead from the stars. The only word of caution on the matter is to not go overboard with your budget.

The end of the month brings you in that confident position in which you can approach anyone and discuss almost any subject.

This will help you especially in your relationships with your superiors. Of course there are still some boundaries you shouldn’t pass, so try not to get too comfortable with them though. In case you are losing your hopes on a matter, it is important to check with them if things are still on track.

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