Sagittarius August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-07-22, 8814 views

Aspects of expansion and novelty in your life are going to keep you very busy throughout this August and although on other similar occasions, you may have felt a significant strain on you, it appears that these days, you are actually cruising through the challenges.

One major key would be that you have completely abandoned negative habits and anything that induces negative thoughts and demotivation.

To take things further, although this may prove rather emotional, you could also steer away from those in your life who are showing distrust at what you are doing or even mocking you.

There may be moments, especially during the second half of August, in which you might get carried away and be very dreamy and unrealistic.

This is when your expectations will go through the roof and when the auspicious intervention of your partner or of someone very wise in the family, will make all the difference.


Enhance! Regarding your professional life, you may also have this tendency to go against the herd and although you may not end up doing anything major, this will give you confidence that in the future, when you completely disagree with something, you have the strength to stand up for your beliefs.

Challenging aspects

Around the 7th of the month, the influence of the Venus Mars trine will influence how you interact when in social company and may change the perception you have of certain people.

You may be more analytical than usual in these circumstances but at the same time, you will still remain rather emotional about certain interactions.

This is a disposition notorious for surfacing tension points, exactly when things appear to be settled and comfortable. So don’t be surprised if you notice small changes in the behaviour of some people and a bit of a passive aggressive attitude on their behalf.

On the 8th, the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect forms and although this means that further havoc may occur, as this is usually a busy aspect, the many interactions that take place will also bring valuable lessons with them.


Astrological aspect of the month: You will no wonder have a positive outlook on life under the Mercury square Jupiter aspect debuting on the 11th but you should also keep an eye on the small details that may be of importance.

Towards the middle of the month, you may become rather emotional and quite interested in the deeper meanings of what happens in your life. This is in preparation of the August 11 Solar Eclipse. This is a time of debate and of in depth thinking but also a time for good news and rapid changes in family dynamic.

Around this date, you may naturally feel at unrest, with an idea that something very important is in preparation. This is not a reason, however, to let yourself distracted and you should still pursue your day to day commitments.

Who knows, maybe aspects of your mundane activities will weigh a lot more than you can imagine in the bigger picture.


Watch out! Don’t let yourself carried away by negative emotions and don’t wish anything bad to anyone because these thoughts will actually return upon yourself.

Educational endeavours

You are very lucky with the second half of August in the sense that under the positive auspices of the Mercury sextile Venus disposition the good sides of your personality will surface. There will be a lot of time for socializing.

You may even get the chance to engage with people from work with whom you don’t normally have the occasion nor the time to spend with.

It will not take you too long to realize how you can use your charm in your favour these days and you may even reach some sort of competitive levels with this, meaning that you may challenge others to obtain just as many favors as you can.


TOP TIP of the month: There is a tendency under the Mercury Venus sextile, to intellectualize or rationalize feelings and to be rather blunt. This can obviously help with decisions that have a big emotional component but that require a clear head.

A Full Moon in a water sign will always bring you closer to your emotions and will teach you something you didn’t know about yourself but the Full Moon in Pisces occurring on the 26th has a double meaning, because it also brings some exciting opportunities for personal or professional development.

If you are lucky enough, you may actually get to choose in which area you want to focus your energy. This is a great time for educational endeavours too, but you need to be cautious about what you start, if the risk is that you won’t continue throughout the whole programme.

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