Sagittarius December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 4295 views

Be careful what you wish for because you might not be as prepared for it as you imagine and if it were to happen, the situation will turn to be more complicated than joyful. You do find joy in the little victories and this is something you can focus on this December. Don’t try to connect everything and try not to be selfish.

And speaking of not being selfish, you can actually invest some of your time, either in your friends or someone you’ve just known for a while. There is no need to expect something in return, but you might be surprised by how thoughtful people can be, especially when you have genuinely helped them.

It is a month of closing some chapters in some regards but you need to look beyond what you did and how you could have done it better. Look at the people you have close to you and cherish them.

The current disposition will offer you moments of joy with them but also some typical family quarrel incentives that you really don’t want to turn into a full blown conflict.

Showing what you are about

You have this urge to show your professional abilities and you won’t stop until you are sure most of your colleagues, especially superiors have noticed certain things. In some regards, it is actually good that you are avoiding to sell yourself short.

On the other hand, you need to be careful with how you come across others because if you send the wrong vibes now, this will cost you in the future.

You seem to be inspired by some kind of lead figure but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all they did can be applied in your case.

Around the 7th, you will be quite busy running errands or doing some sort of things around the house, you know, that kind you have avoided for months and months. Be wary of the wrong words because conflict can be just around the corner.

Fixed beliefs

Some natives will meet interesting people around the 10th but will prefer to keep their distance. If you prefer to judge people based on first impressions or your intuition, be prepared to sometimes be proven wrong.

You are also quite stuck in some old ways of yours, some that have already been proven as wrong. No wonder your partner might comment on that.

It is not necessary that you should change something because this is a good month or because you are prompted to.

But if now is not a good time, when will it be one? There are some other questions like this that you might end up asking yourself and this will send you in quite an impulsive and impatient mood. Some things will actually happen in your rhythm, especially at work.

Last minute changes

The second half is marked by your attempt to keep peace and quiet around the house, especially with your partner. Some romantic endeavors and some help around the house will guarantee some of that but in some respects, you just need to try harder.

Perhaps keeping your promises will do the trick as well. You might need someone else’s help to take a plan to completion and although they have proven quite reliable in the past, this year things look quite different so if I were you, I would try to be more attentive.

Around the 19th, jolly moments with your friends will make you feel younger than your actual age and send you to a dreamy state. Enjoy this while it lasts and this is not necessary a warning. You still need to get with your feet back on ground at some point, don’t you?

New worries

As the free days from the end of the month get closer, your mind enters into some kind of overdrive and a lot of worries will come floating. You all of a sudden distrust some recent decisions of yours, decisions with which you have actually been very happy. Mars is getting doubt in your house.

It is a good time to learn how to calm these worries down and the best advice is not to succumb to the pressure and start working. You need this time to unwind and you need to trust yourself no matter what.

Even if you have actually committed a mistake, there will be means or at least you will try to find means to repair that and not all is lost. On the other hand, if you don’t properly participate to celebrations this year, some things will be lost with your partner and the discussions afterwards.

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