Sagittarius December 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-11-26, 3956 views

A month when talents can be uncovered and revelations about own capabilities are going to be made very obvious. You seem to be happy with your plans for the holidays but at the same time, the expectations are greater than this.

There will also be some moments in which you will want to listen to your intuition but at the same time, there will be a rational side of yours that will keep you from taking any risks.

This is going to be an auspicious month for all those natives who are not afraid to promote themselves, who enjoy taking small risks and who can also learn from their failings.

All loved up

During the first week of December, you may find that the stars are allowing you to be distracted and all you will do is dream with your eyes open about your love interest. Luckily, nothing major will happen and you will be able to recover all the time lost, some other days.

You may also be excited about an even occurring at home and will try to mentally prepare for it. The only word of caution is to not exaggerate too much with this, because, you may find that you create expectations that are not going to be met.

You are flirty and passionate and surely your partner will end up asking “what is the occasion”. Perhaps this is a great time to set some new standards for your relationship and you will see that you will end up feeling a lot better in your own skin.

All sort of preparations

Around the 10th, you will be very concerned about short term outcomes and will plan everything in stages. Because you are more attentive to detail, chances are things will go according to plan.

However, because you are not really looking at the main picture, you may be slightly distracted and the final outcome may be slightly different from what you expected.

But again, you seem to be pretty lucky as nothing affects work and your most important projects will likely revolve around preparing yourself and the home for the holidays.

And talking about preparations, make sure you do your budget properly and not spend more than you actually have because the temptation is quite high, not to mention when you start comparing yourself with others.

The excesses you come across

During the second half of the month you will keep an eye on everything delicious and may even end up with some digestive problems after exaggerating with all the delicious foods that are presented to you.

Not to mention the fact that you may put a stop to exercise and this will turn your body upside down further.

Some natives will be quicker than others to notice why they are slower and why they feel more tired and will try to get back to their good habits faster.

Around the 20th, you may come across an important piece of information, perhaps something that has been kept a secret for several months, if not years. Whilst this doesn’t necessarily interfere with your life, you will treat it with outmost importance.

A brand new type of confidence

At the beginning, we were talking about promoting oneself and being less fearful. It seems that in preparation for the NYE, you will be more attentive with yourself but also feel less pressure.

Perhaps the compliments of your partner and then those from people around will make the trick. You will have a cheerful and witty approach everywhere you go and may impress even people you would otherwise steer clear of, out of fear that you may end up embarrassing yourself.

And it is not all about superficial matters, like how you look and what you are wearing. This will go a few layers deeper, and it will link to your personality and to how educated you are.

The warmth you receive at home this month will transfer into peace of mind for you which in turn will improve your confidence when out there.

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