Sagittarius December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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During December, Mercury is going to influence you to be moral. In the event in which Sagittariuses will come across any injustice, they will be determined to fix things immediately.

You will also be more interested than ever in philosophy, politics, and the way society is evolving. Having so many thoughts, it’s important that you don’t forget about your loved ones and the spirit of Christmas.

Keep in mind they may not want expensive gifts, but for you to be by their side. Recharge your batteries so that you can welcome the new year with enthusiasm.

December is going to be problematic. When it comes to work, you should take things easy because it will be enough if you would just go with the flow.

Too much effort will go unnoticed, so don’t waste your energy. Sagittariuses can expect their year to end harmoniously and to be around their family during this time period.

December 2020 Highlights

The planetary influxes of this year’s end are pleasant. Your governing planet Jupiter together with Saturn are going to make things very exciting for the future.

You will receive the benefits during the 1st decan, when your business and intellectual projects will go better, but only if you are patient. Archers will start the month by distinguishing what makes them human and by managing their budget better.

However, all this will start fading after the first 5 days, when they will feel like something is shadowing their heart. In a dubious way, some of them will get involved in all sort of affairs. Others will cheat on their partner and make their life more difficult.

Positive, fair and expressive Archers always have something encouraging to say. Their soul is restless, and they never want to keep anything unstudied. 2020 wasn’t all the time harmonious for them, but at least it was exciting.

Their energy was most of the time brought on by their optimism, so they managed to solve their problems. Saturn in your sign is going to unsettle you because you’ll see reality as it is.

However, the New Year’s party is going to bring out only the lovable and generous side of your personality. More than ever, you will want to do things differently.

The energies of the Sun in your sign and of Mars in Libra will have you behave more altruistically. You will also have an amazing erotic charge that will help your life in case you’re with someone, whereas if you’re single, it will bring a new affair your way.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope for December

You will be secretive about your feelings until the 15th. With Mars watching you the entire month, you will be inspired by love and want to conquer hearts.

Starting with the 16th, you will feel like your love life has received an illumination of some sort. Until the 20th, you will know what to say and be pampered by the stars.

If you give in to the tendency of not expressing your feelings openly, especially starting with the 16th, your married life won’t be as joyful as it’s meant to be.

Express your sensual side strongly, as Mars will allow your emotions to be unleashed. It’s good you won’t be bothered by the coldness of some people.

Dramatic, energetic and voluntary emotions should be on your mind. You may get amazing advantages from a collaboration in your nearest environment. Opportunities can also arise if you participate to cultural events, as you will get a response to your emotions here.

Career and Finances Horoscope

It will be easier for you to put your talents to use and improve your skills. Mercury in your sign will favor communication, relationships and mental reflexes. You will face difficulties, delays and the unexpected at work more easily.

Saturn in Sagittarius makes you more mature and wanting stability. You will feel like your professional life is harmonious after each professional goal of yours is achieved.

December will be filled with professional successes. However, Sagittariuses shouldn’t believe in all business promises they’re receiving. If working with Arieses, they will receive propositions of expanding abroad, which wouldn’t be at all a bad thing if cautiousness is involved.

Geminis will manage to regain the Archers’ confidence back because they have proven they can be mature. Partnerships with Scorpios will turn great profits because Scorpios can smell good opportunities from afar.

Sagittariuses will have to strategize and be as responsible as possible when it comes to career, even if this requires them to make great efforts, seeing they’re a Fire sign and always act according to their impulses.

At least Mercury will help them to be more judicious this time. They are big intellectuals, but they need to make sure delusion doesn’t surround them if they want success every step of the way.

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