Sagittarius February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 3239 views

This February is going to seem as if you are playing your chances at some sort of roulette. The moment you are set for the big win something occurs and then when you don’t expect anything else to happen, things suddenly are somewhat picked up.

Also, you might like it in the spotlight and enjoy the benefits of it but when it comes to paying the price, you will definitely want to rewrite everything.

Fighting the masses

Around the 10th you are becoming a lot more courageous than usual and you are ready to say things exactly as they are, especially at work.

Some natives might go as far as to ask for a raise while others will be satisfied enough to regulate some things that haven’t been in order lately, even if that means disturbing the routine of colleagues and gaining some antipathy along the way.

Mars retrograde in your career won’t let you have your way the whole month so the way you start it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will continue the same way.

Maybe those colleagues are going to finally make a coalition and you will be prevented from making any more changes or trying to have everyone work harder.

Show you are relaxed

During the middle days of the month a surge of popularity will see you change a bit the circle of people you are usually spending time in and maybe even adventure yourself to do a bit of networking, either in a professional setting or just as a personal outing.

You will be indeed the soul of any party and single natives will surely be remarked. However, don’t try to know anyone too well during these social moments because appearances will make it difficult for you to actually create a proper image. Other than that, you can spend a great time without having to worry about the future.

Around the 17th you will have the occasion to engage in an activity that you usually find pleasurable but for which you don’t really find the time.

Either that it is a well established hobby or something that has you try new things every time, this will allow you to relax and expose how laid back you can actually be.

This might also be coupled with a learning opportunity, either something educational or for some natives something that has to do with gaining a precious piece of information. You might also find yourself trying to search for answer to some personal dilemmas through unconventional means.

The ups and downs

Mercury does prompt you to be a lot more open and you will probably take advantage of this pass for honesty around the 20th and this is also when the first arguments are going to show up if you overstep your attributions, especially at home.

So try not to enter into any major conflict, especially with people who belong to a different generation than you, either that we are talking about your parents or young people in your life.

In case you decide to follow you impulsiveness or can’t even prevent this, rest assured that the situation will prove to be tense and the discomfort will last for a few days at least.

This kind of exposure might also end up on your nerves and will probably get you thinking to other moments when you have done the same.

It wouldn’t actually be a bad occasion to reminiscence and maybe you will come out of this with a useful plan so next time you will know how to handle similar situations.

Don’t criticize yourself too harsh but at the same time don’t find yourself too many excuses because this is definitely a two way road and everyone involved has a stake into it.

Feelings of accomplishment

Remember also to get a good night’s sleep the majority of nights this February because you don’t want to reach Spring with your energy on low. Jupiter won’t allow you to make any mistakes in terms of health so you should monitor this and avoid unnecessary risks.

Towards the end of the month money seems to come back to you out of intelligence and intuition and might even prompt you to think about expansion and changing something in your life for the long term.

A good feeling of accomplishment indeed but the joy won’t last too long as you’ll probably be hit by all the bills and debt you have accumulated so it will most likely go on that. However, from easy collaboration several other opportunities might rise so things are not so bad after all.

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