Sagittarius February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3682 views

It seems that you will be craving stability this February more than anything and this means that you are willing to get into a lot of trouble to obtain it. The lucky ones are not going to complicate themselves and a lot of what they get, will somewhat be served to them straight away. Others will have to first work with their brains and then with their muscles to get results.

It isn’t as half of a mystery as it sounds so basically what you need to do is to simply follow your intuition. There may be other goals around, that you might consider, but maybe those are not really for you.

An important lesson to learn this month concerns what you want and how you discern between something that is momentary or for which you are only lusting, and something in which you would be in for the long term.

What you choose to do

You might find yourself trying to cope with all sorts of scenarios at the same time but this is only you making things complicate for yourself. The sun is out and it is where it’s supposed to be so don’t question things like that.

There will be some confrontation around the 5th of the month in your life and you might not really understand what is going on. Some natives will feel overwhelmed while others will prefer to shut down any communication channels just to feel on the safe side.

It is not like you are proud of being avoidant but this seems to be the best you can do. Your mind will be quite tormented and this can be considered enough of a punishment.

Your partner may ask you for something you can’t really deliver but perhaps you have promised it in the past and now it’s time to do something. You can be realistic about what you can or can’t but at least show some interest.

What you encounter at home

Some natives are going to find, around the 14th, no connection to Valentine’s day whatsoever, that they are very comfortable at home, not to mention if their partners are around. This brings a whole new dimension to that stability we have been discussing.

You are also willing to spend some money to indulge. Those with children will appear a lot more understanding and this might function as some sort of magnet, showing a lot of deep issues that need to be discussed.

But you shouldn’t feel as if the situation is getting out of hand because this is not the case. You don’t need to turn yourself into a cold and insensible person to cope with that.

If you seek deep inside your heart, you might find some sort of starting point for this and the more you relax your mind and let go off worries, the easier it will be to become creative along the way.

This said, allow any uncomfortable questions and issues to surface because this will help you in the future, and in various areas of your life.

Working conditions

Coming back to work, delegating is the key for you, especially in the second part of the month. You are too busy or too distracted to keep an eye on all details and it seems that one of your colleagues is actually interested in helping. Well, if that isn’t a win win situation, as Mars would put it.

Unfortunately, there is also a different side to that coin, most likely having to do with the fact that you will now have to return the favor. It might not be in the near future so perhaps you shouldn’t worry about this now, but think of the fact you don’t really control its timing.

This and other work decisions will continue a series of conundrums and will surface some doubts you’ve been having for a while. You will even practically react by being a lot stricter with your budget, just to be covered.


Towards the end of the month, your attention will be turned again towards the house, but this time, with a different focus. You are not very attracted by any practical activities but there will be some repairs or cleaning up to do.

This is also a part of making things comfortable around you and this means that although at the beginning you won’t be very happy about the whole thing, you will get used to it as you go through it.

This piece of advice may not actually be right up your plate but if you start with the nasty and lengthy stuff first, you will feel a lot more accomplished.

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