Sagittarius February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 8756 views

There will be lessons to learn this month, and perhaps with them, a better understanding of oneself. Your confidence will vary widely, with the reactions you are capturing from those around.

There may be occasions to travel and opportunities to formalize relationships and initiatives, maybe to even advance on the social ladder.

Venus square Jupiter, around the 4th of February, will make you more aware of the demands, from a financial and mental point of view, of the lifestyle you would like.

More drawn to the superficial side of things, you will want to show extravagance and raise above the mundane activities of those around. But it seems that you will need to be rather creative to make this work.

A balance between practicality and emotions

Do expect a time of effusive feelings, of intuition used at maximum capacity and a great tendency to dream with your eyes open as Venus enters Pisces, on Sunday, the 11th.

Your practical side will also surface as there may be some moments in which your pragmatism will win over your tendency to get overwhelmed with emotion.

In this disposition, we are all about attracting the right circumstances, even if this means there will also be a lot of waiting. And talking about expecting stuff to happen, beware as there may also be some regrets involved, when doubts kick in.

With your own thoughts

With both a new Moon and a partial solar eclipse it will definitely be out with the old and in with the new. You are attracted to everything new and feel this pinch to challenge the status quo.

There may also be some degree of emotional detachment from your side but luckily, this will actually function in the support of those around as you will be able to help them more. You are more logical and practical in thinking.

The new Moon in Aquarius has a powerful influence on everyone who tends to think ahead of their times and with such occasions, you will feel less misunderstood and more integrated in your community.

Beware of role models during the second half of the month, if anything, you should be your own inspiration. This is not the best time to apply a recipe that worked for some else. Pave your own way, even if this takes time and it’s filled with trial and error.

Not taking it for granted

With Mars in Sagittarius squaring Neptune, around the 17th, you will see instant effects in particular areas of your life, with influences that are likely to last for the entire half of the month. You are more prone to imagining things, wishful, but also negative thinking and may let these get the best of you.

You will be defensive towards friends and put a rather brave façade, although deep inside, your worries may be running high. Stay away from fearmongering information as such repeated influence can only harm your health.

You may also feel the need to clear your head in seclusion, but not for a lengthy period of time but rather for little chunks, every day, for a couple of days. You are trying to balance care for your own mind with your social life and family responsibilities.

Some natives may even get in such a good mood that they will crave a party, perhaps to even organize it themselves. And you can imagine how great nerves you need to have to want to put yourself through such a stressful endeavor.

On your own

The very last days of the month are going to be subject to the influence of Mercury square Mars, meaning that you are due to pass some tests and will be required some rapid decisions.

Luckily, your thought processes are heightened and you tend to be more rational than usual. Whilst not everything will be black or white, you will tend to simplify things, to strengthen the power of your examples.

This aspect talks about need for independence, and the strongest ties that the individual will feel are likely to be those related to work. But because most of us will not be able to escape the daily grind, the easiest escape will be through words.

The downside of this is that some may end up being ruthless and even aggressive in their comments and hurt the feelings of innocent people.

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