Sagittarius February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Good time to get to action and to be social this February and also to show how dedicated you are to certain areas of your life.

Take advantage of the activities those close to you are involved and chip in, you might be surprised of the things you discover about yourself and even the hidden skills you can uncover.

Take advantage of the romantic atmosphere around you that is set to install everywhere as Valentine’s day is approaching but try to be less commercial and actually gift from the heart.

For Sagittarius the month of February can be very good for enhancing family relationships and above all to solve any misunderstandings, which may be the cause of a rift with some loved ones.

Keep in mind the following

With a friendly attitude you can find a way to move past any limitations others may impose on you this month. But it will take you a while to get to this state of calm in which you are able to think through you next moves.

You will be on a short fuse for a while before you understand that it’s best to make friends with the enemy so you can then be one step ahead of them.

You will notice that with this friendly attitude everyone feels relaxed in our company and you are able to draw in some very interesting people and your social life may become richer.

Your mood may also influence your work-life balance, especially around the 18th so you need to find ways to cheer yourself up.

Celebrate any small accomplishments because this will give you the power to go ahead with your plans. When you deserve it, you can even indulge in some treats.

During the last week of February, an opportunity to aspire to more ambitious goals based on a solid foundation may surface. It produces a lot of energy and you will be at ease to seek for solutions to problems that arise on this occasion.

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You got to be seen to awake the interest of your people of interest and it seems that, unlike on other occasions, this month you are not very keen about putting yourself out there on display.

You will be quite private and maintain an air of mystery in your life. It will take a lot of boldness and intuition out of those who really want to get to know you to reach close to you.

Jupiter on the other hand may balance things by offering you some occasions to shine, but just in the company of the right people.

You should be exploiting further your numerous talents, as advised by Venus, especially during the first two weeks of the month, and leave your aloofness aside.

Some natives may even find themselves a bit nostalgic and perhaps interested in reigniting a former flame.

Be open to discuss about romance with your family because precious advice might come from people you wouldn’t expect. Life works in mysterious ways and you need to embrace this more.

Natives in a couple may find themselves in the middle of some unsolicited tensions which may occur because their partners might not be happy with the activities they invest their time in.

The singles may also be more interested in creating a cozy and secure atmosphere around them and will not play a seduction game. They prefer to almost interrogate their dates, to immediately grasp whether they are of the required material.

Money and career highlights

During the month of February 2019, it is possible that some Sagittarians will be extremely productive whilst others will be very distracted and will find it hard to cope with basic activities at work.

This is quite a big divide and will originate from how each person approaches difficult tasks as it seems that there is quite a tendency to give up on things quickly, especially around the second week of the month.

Those who channel their patience and break the big tasks in smaller chunks may find that they have better chances of success. But those who prefer to approach things head on, may feel overwhelmed quicker.

It may also be that those who work in more competitive spaces are coping better, because they entertain the competition spirit that is already formed and don’t want to be perceived a weaker.

Around the 20th there might be some discussions in the family or close circle of friends regarding work-life balance and some people might feel targeted and mocked for how much time they invest in work.

As long as you are following your passions or know exactly where you want to get with the efforts you are doing now, there is no reason to feel pressured by peers and this is perhaps the lesson to learn this month.

Also, Sagittarians are advised to put some money aside for rainy days, especially if their savings have been depleted after the holidays.

Your health this February

Some minor health problems may occur this February but the good news is that the reaction to them is going to be a healthy one, with most people focusing on the treatment and not on worrying further.

You will not be happy about any kind of pain and will try to eliminate it straightaway even if this leads to over medication.

It’s important to keep the positive outlook and to be careful with excessive physical exercise and any sores or aches of joints.

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