Sagittarius February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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Contact with your close relatives or friends may be on your agenda, dear Sagittarius this month, as unexpected news may come to you about changes that may be of benefit to you, but better in the long run.

The introduction and kindness of a friend may be of extreme importance, as the desire to travel abroad or a distant place may not interest you and a pleasant period may be very restricted.

Affirmation in a problem related to shared resources may be necessary, because someone can play with your feelings.

February highlights

Career status will change slightly in February. It will be necessary for the Sagittarians to begin to concentrate fully.

Otherwise, you may have problems. Fortunately, you will not lack motivation. Also, keep an eye on your co-workers, some of them may need your help. The best way to get away from the hustle and bustle of work is to play sports.

In the second part of the month you will feel free to relax and it seems that you will spend some passionate moments with the person you love. Now would be the perfect opportunity to make proposals to the person you have loved for some time, even if you have not fully measured your chances.

You just try and you will see that things are moving in the right direction. It is the month where you have the most chances to be noticed as you wish, so do not waste too much time and organize yourself so that you spend as much time as possible with your loved one.

At work you have a quiet period, a period that you should take advantage of and use the time for your benefit. Maybe you have plans and projects that you would like to bring to light and now is the time to think and start.

Look vigorously forward and you will succeed where, until not long ago, you only reached the dream. You will have a lot of creativity and a desire to work, so put your hand to work and open roads, try what you have never tried before.

It is time for a new, completely new road, maybe even a pioneering path that you will not fail if you go because this is how new and innovative things are born. You have a good chance of being successful and moving on.

Sagittarius love horoscope for February 2020

Sagittarius looking for their partner are greatly benefited in February 2020 by the transit of the planet Venus through their fifth house, that of love and passion. If you are married or in an older, stable relationship, where there are also commitments, you may feel the need to reconnect with your loved one.

It is possible to attract a person from your surroundings or make someone sweet from your work place, or to see that a friendship develops into something more, more passionate. It does not seem to be something of a lasting nature, so it would be good to think carefully if it is worth to break a beautiful friendship for a one night, two adventure.

Mercury, the planet that governs the relations and marriage of the Sagittarius will transit, during the first half of February, your fourth house, that of family and home.

Therefore, it is recommended to you meditate on how your family is based and how you understand the role of marriage in your life. You have the opportunity to review, together with your life partner, plans for renovating your home or moving to a more stable and more comfortable space.

During this period, some Sagittarians may feel the need to revert to the decision to marry or divorce, or they may be hesitant about a new relationship that seems to lead to commitments and responsibilities. Do not rush to make a decision, but to resume certain discussions with your loved one and to try to understand what you really want.

Professional life and money

February brings you good mood and optimism. With this positive energy you will come up with many interesting ideas.

Don't be afraid to showcase your abilities to your colleagues and superiors. If you do not do this you can miss a promotion or a salary increase.

It is better to focus on solitary activities and forget about cooperation, because working with others will only stress you more and prove more trouble than it’s worth.

From a financial point of view, it is not time to conclude negotiations or draw final conclusions from discussions. Wait for better days and you will not feel sorry about it.

Health and wellbeing

Your family can offer great emotional support, so don't hesitate to address your loved ones. Also a reconciliation with your parents, it can bring you spiritual relief, a sense of peace and tranquillity, more confidence in the future.

Otherwise, health does not raise you great problems unless you allow yourself to be prey to excesses, unimpressive gestures, unmeasured risks and a messy and overly intense lifestyle.

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