Sagittarius February 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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In February, you will go through a crisis in one of your relationships, very likely the romantic one. Perhaps some of your partner’s secrets are going to be revealed and shock you so much that you will want to break up with him or her.

Sagittariuses will go through a period of absolute sincerity. Things that have been hidden will come into the light, devastating their life from all sides.

They need to change their perspective if they want to survive all this, as there will be great opportunities for them to start anew and to make what’s in their mind happen. As far as career goes, things will slightly change for them during the month of February, so they need to be at all time focused.

If they lose their concentration, big problems may appear. Luckily, you will always be motivated to accomplish.

Pay close attention to your colleagues because some of them may need your help. If you want to no longer stress about the everyday life, just exercise.

February 2021 Highlights

While regarding money February is going to be a very good month, problems at home and conflicts will family members will be many. Sagittariuses natives will be the weakest link in their family, especially during the month’s first days, when their life will be more difficult.

They won’t find facing difficulties to be in any way easy, not to mention that believing they’re the only ones knowing the absolute truth and what causes need to be fought for won’t help them either.

Maybe they’re too tense and have no idea how their own problems could be solved. Either way, their characteristic joviality and optimism will have almost all their problems solved one way or the other.

Just like in January, Sagittariuses will feel like their emotions are not in the right place, just because they’re now tensioned and depressed, and after, they feel like happiness is dominating their entire life.

This will wear and tear them down, so their health will obviously be negatively impacted. If they want to avoid all this, they need to keep their cool and not argue with anyone.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope for February

Sagittariuses will give themselves completely to their own sensuality during February. In case they go to many parties and social events, they will meet many attractive members of the opposite sex.

However, they still need to pay attention to the way in which they’re expressing their feelings, as they have the tendency to impose their own ways too much.

Only someone who truly loves and understands them can accept what they’re saying and continues to be by their side after they have said something apparently hurtful. You will play your enthusiasm a lot this month.

Until the 25th, Venus in Aquarius will favor the most intimate of your relationships. You will also be humorous and fun, so you and your partner will have great moments together.

The fact that your libido is going to increase is going to bother you. After February 9, you are still the philosopher who wants to be wise in love and happy in life. You will have an intellectual accomplice for the entire month.

Your partner will answer your love and be communicative, so you can be sure of beauty and happiness when it come to your relationship. Marries Sagittariuses will go out more with their spouse.

Starting with the 19th, they should privilege this special person in their life. You may go to a neighbourhood party and meet your soulmate, if you happen to be a single Archer.

The energies of this month are promoting your spirit and improve communication, not to mention they accentuate your desire to be with somebody.

However, don’t let your inner fire burn you because you may end up running away from the person you adore the most.

Career and Finances Horoscope

During the month of February, Sagittariuses are very lucky with money. From the 5th, they may receive promotions or pay raises. Those of them who were waiting on a new way of making money will come across great opportunities to do just so.

Also, investments in the short and medium run are being favored. They shouldn’t hurry any procedure though, also not try to change careers of their business partners, at least not until the 15th, seeing that Mercury is going to be in an adverse aspect.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Sagittariuses will be forced to remain perseverant as far carrying on with a physical activity goes. By doing so, they will release all the tension they have accumulated at home, also forget all about their problems.

Their health will be negatively impacted by their alternation between sadness and joy, so they need to do some sports if they want to feel balanced. This will have their risks of getting sick decreased by much.

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