Sagittarius Horoscope 2019: Key Yearly Predictions

By Denise on 2018-04-23, 15549 views

Much will happen to Sagittarians this year, on almost all plans…, except on a professional one. But fret not, with great ambition and perseverance, fate can’t hold you back now, can it?

They could very well turn it all around and make the most of what they have. In this sense, self-control and optimism are a necessary duo that can potentially propel them on the peaks of success.

Self-control because of how irritated and impulsive these guys get, not because of themselves necessarily, but because of transcendent factors that go beyond their control.

And optimism because, like always, the road towards success is one full of perils, critical situations in which one’s senses and very being are tested to the utmost limit. Besides, a pessimist wouldn’t really endure all the bullying and hardships that life throws at you, so there you have it.

Jupiter’s ascendance in September make you really wonder about what it is exactly that you want, and the methods to attain that “something”, whatever it may be.

On another tone, it’s ascendance in Libran space will signify potential friendships and partnerships. These will bring a new perspective that you haven’t thought of before, which really excites and intrigues you all the more.


Enhance: Learning to depend on yourself and not to expect everything to just come at your doorstep will make you more responsible and ambitious. Also, you become more perseverant, seeing as thought nothing seems to work as it should, and this will ultimately take you to achieving your dreams and desires.

The first few months will look like the gods have given up on you, or like death is fast approaching. Nothing could be falser. It’s actually a good thing for your development and evolution, from all points of view.

At the same time, emotions, that you previously thought were unlike your Sagittarius demeanor, resurface at an astonishing speed, thanks to Pluto’s interference, which also enhances almost every aspect of your life.

And with such a fulminant and adrenaline-inducing year, great things are bound to happen, with you at the center of that whole mess.

Sagittarius love horoscope 2019

Couple life will be really enhanced, as Sagittarius natives will rethink their values and realize that love life is even more important that financial and career-related issues.

Though this guy goes even further and implicates his partner in those future plans and prospects, which only serves to strengthen the bond between them. Actually, intimate relationships are evidently more successful and clearly in a better state, and that is because of Venus and its social touch.

For those of you that have no one to call your own, you will have the chance to meet the one, most probably in an official context, at work or something related to work.


Watch out! However, don't just jump in the boat with no paddles, as it could be a bad idea. Which is to say that you shouldn't blindly trust the first newcomer without carefully thinking about the decision

Now, whether the relationship will actually last, or if the other is sufficiently attracted and intrigued, Sagittarians should not worry in the least.

Venus takes it into its own hands to make the Sagittarian a true Casanova that absolutely has no apparent defects and beguiling charm. Jupiter on the other hand ensures that reticence and inhibitions are buried under the seducing appeal of the sex drive that these individuals instill in their “victims”.

Sagittarian natives should really step up their social game and forget about all the reluctances and hesitations and start capitalizing on friendships and partnerships.

If there is no time for friends, then what for is it then? After the first half of the year, going out with friends will have a significantly stronger impact and influence on their mind. More relaxed and worriless, you are more suited for approaching risky situations now.

Some people close to you may feel overlooked and could think that you’ve forgotten about them. Push everything aside and assure them that your friendship means more than career or professional success. This attitude will raise your social standing and is a good thing in general.

Sagittarius career horoscope 2019

Missing their benefactor’s influence, Sagittarians will most surely find out that without Saturn’s support, turning water into wine is as hard as can be.

Of course, it’s not in the realm of impossibility to overcome their limitations and go for the kill, but it will require a certain sense of commitment and a risk-taking mentality. Perhaps they will even have to rely on outside help to achieve what otherwise they wouldn’t be able to alone.

Even though there will be hard times and stressful situations will be coming one after another, you will have to stand face to face with whatever comes at you.


TOP TIP of the year: All that is necessary this year is for you to acknowledge the capacity and potential residing deep inside you and start acting with that in mind. I guarantee that, eventually, all will be yours.

At least until June arrives, when things will get better and not so complicated anymore. Anyway, everything you’ve dedicated up until now will be returned twofold, so it really is worth it to do everything in your powers to keep on advancing.

At least until September ends, everything will be in their favor and no efforts and sacrifices will be spared.

Given all this dedication and all the skills and abilities that the Sagittarians have up their sleeve, it’s going to look like the whole world conspires to their success.

Sagittarius finances in 2019

Making yet another appearance, Venus guides your way on the path to fame and fortune. The financial situation will mainly get better as a result of the many projects and partnerships that you have under your belt. However, there will be periods when money seems to fly out the window with no end in sight.

For those of you who, instead of striving for a more immediate result, want to invest the money into a prospect for the future, then you should keep in mind that April and May are not great times to do that, while September is basically the magic month. If something good is bound to happen to you, then it will happen in September, for that there is no doubt.

And as always, exercise caution and patience in every context and risky situation. It’s certainly not something one should overlook.

Sagittarius health & wellbeing in 2019

Health-wise, everything seems to be in order and nothing major seems to happen in the foreseeable future.

What you have to do though is pay attention and work hard to recuperate yourself from past problems that are still plaguing you. Otherwise, it’s really not hard to keep on going with a healthy lifestyle (harmonious and moderate eating habits and sports).

The inferior part of your body may suffer during March and June, most probably because of over-exertion while performing physical activities.

Also, the horoscope says that everything must be patiently kept in check and nothing is to be left at random. Every single aspect of your life has to be well observed for any irregularities and possible degradations.

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