Sagittarius Horoscope 2021: Key Yearly Predictions

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People born in Sagittarius are going to have a very romantic 2021. They may meet someone by chance and become involved with that person, but only for as long as they’re courageous enough to make the first move because it’s very likely their new crush is shy or has been very hurt in the past.

In many ways, 2021 will be a year of new beginnings and challenges for people to discover their own nature or who they are as a whole. Sagittarians may feel the need to eliminate from their life everything that kept them stale, especially if they want to head in a direction that promises a lot.

They will be inspired and have hope, not to mention enough energy to build the foundation for their dreams to become a reality. They will see the rewards of their efforts, so they should use their increased vitality as much as possible to make things work for them.

While Pluto made an ingress into the sign of Sagittarius in the previous year, the 2021 cycle will be completely under way because Pluto will be in transit through Sagittarius for 12 years, being in conjunction with this native’s Sun.

This cycle will happen once in a lifetime, being the indicator of important changes. The precise timing of the conjunction depends on the day a person has been born.

While the conjunction’s effects won’t be felt until later, Sagittariuses are surely feeling its energy now too. They should look closely and their own life and accept themselves for who they are.

The more they search deep inside themselves, the more they come across what they want to achieve, which means their journey can be very powerful and beautiful.

Luckily for them, they have a period of a few years to put the transformational changes they’re going through to work. This is very good seeing rebirth doesn’t happen fast.

Jupiter transiting through Capricorn puts an emphasis on their solar 2nd House, which means they should pay attention to their own values. They may feel like it’s important for them to spend a lot of money or to accumulate more wealth, but this period is more about using own’s resources to the maximum and doing something to grow them.

And it’s not only about material possessions. It’s also being aware of the own’s worth and how much one’s own time values. It would be a good idea to invest, but not in opportunities based on speculation and that involved too high risks.

Every chance being offered needs to be carefully analyzed because there’s the possibility of taking on too much and not being able to say no. This cycle’s energy can be used to have higher goals and to remain faithful to own’s old beliefs.

The eclipses happening in 2021 will have Sagittariuses wanting to experience love more intensely and to be with someone. Not only they will feel very generous, but also open to receive the love of others.

For this reason, they should spend more of their time around children, expressing their creativity and artistic talents. The way they understand and experience love will evolve for as long as this phase is lasting, so they should have a look at their psyche and identify the elements that stop them from completely embracing love.

An imbalance between giving and receiving will happen, so some Sagittarians may end up offering too much to someone and not receiving enough in return.

The situation could also be reversed, so they may hear complaints from their loved ones. It would be a good idea for them to express their feelings more openly and to fix the imbalance by listening more.

What to keep in mind

Saturn is also starting its cycle of 2 years through their solar 5th House, so it imposes more discipline when pursuing artistic talents and creativity.

Sagittarius natives may also feel that their self-expression is restrained somehow, but they should give their best to be more responsible when having fun and enjoying life.

They shouldn’t do things just because they want to do them. It will be necessary to think about the consequences of their actions and words. Most of the year, they will surprise themselves.

Their ruler, Jupiter, will be in their solar 4th House of Pisces, which means they will enjoy more the time they’re spending at home.

2021 may be a year in which they’re renovating and have many parties at their place. Their family relationships will be upbeat too. They may also use their home as a learning center or take some online classes.

Some of them who are parents will perhaps decide on home schooling or to have teachers coming at their place to teach their children an instrument. 2021 will be the year in which they’re building the foundation for the next 6 years.

Jupiter will enter their solar 10th House at that time, moment in which they will have a great impact upon the world and changes in their career. Jupiter makes brief visits to Aries, their solar 5th House, from June 5th until September 7th.

During these months, they will have a lot of fun and enjoy romance. They will go out more and attract new dates. But in order for this to happen, they need to reveal to others how creative they can be, to express their artistic side and perhaps to get new hobbies.

They could also do this by practicing a sport, as this would help them destress. Gong to the gym or playing tennis would surely be of great help them. Their children will be delightful, so they should spend with them, camping or going to classes.

They should be their little ones’ cheerleaders and encourage them to let their talents out. In case they have very young children, they may spend a lot of time at home, not to mention it’s very likely they’ll find out another is in the way.

Saturn is traveling through two signs in 2021. It begins and ends the year in Libra, only to make its final and short return into Virgo, from April 7th to July 20th.

Sagittarius love horoscope 2021

Gemini, the Sagittarius’ solar cusp of the 7th House, doesn’t host any important long-term planets in 2021. This means Archers will feel like paying more attention to their friendships and activities conducted in groups rather than to family, marriage or their serious relationship.

However, their 5th House of affairs, games and fun is going to be quite active, especially in the February 2nd – June 6th time period. Venus will be stationed for four months here, which may bring them a love affair full of passion, but not necessarily long-term.

They may meet someone at their workplace or while waiting in line at the doctor. This affair will take them by surprise and be very wild. They will be taken from the heights of pleasure and romance into the darkest places.

They may break up and get back together with the person they’re with many times. The excitement will be to the maximum. At the same time, this relationship will put financial stress of them, all while interfering with their friendships.

However, it won’t last for too long, so they’ll end up looking at it like at a beautiful thing from the past. Mercury ruling their 7th house of marriage and love, they will want change and more excitement in their love life, all while going out more and being flexible when it comes to dating.

The Universe won’t have anything to say or do regarding their social life this year, so they’ll be in charge, which means they need to keep in mind no one but themselves will be responsible for their social agenda.

Starting with May 21st and ending with June 21st, also with July 6th and August 1st, singles will have many love opportunities coming their way. From September 11th until October 1st, they will be presented with a serious commitment. It may be a friend who wants more than friendship from them.

However, they shouldn’t rush anything. Mercury, the ruler of their 7th House, will go in retrograde three times in 2021, between March 2nd and 24th, July 3rd and 27th, October 27th and November 16th.

For these time periods, Archer lovers should be patient as far as love goes. They should also communicate more with their partner because every little misunderstanding could blow out of proportion.

Sagittarius career horoscope 2021

Sagittariuses will have an average career year in 2021. Those of them who want to open a business should do it at the beginning of the year. They shouldn’t make important investments and listen to the advice of older people.

Things will get better after April 6th, most likely if they’re involved in a partnership. Getting promoted may happen after September 14th. When it comes to finances, things look average as well.

Jupiter and Saturn located in the 2nd House indicates they’re going to continue acquiring wealth. They will have much more money of they will learn how to save, also invest in precious stones and jewellery.

Property may be inherited, while spending may go a lot on family functions. No matter what, they shouldn’t risk too much when making investments.

Sagittarius health in 2021

As far as health goes, Sagittariuses will have an average year too. They should deal with minor diseases, or perhaps nothing at all if they exercise and eat healthy.

Their mental health may be at risk if they don’t avoid stress or forget how to use their time in a constructive manner.

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