Sagittarius January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2400 views

You’ll have to learn to live on the edge this January as it seems you’ll dwell between activities you can very well manage yourself and activities you are even too scared to try on your own.

It’s a dynamic month with several accomplishments for those courageous enough but also a revealing emotional month for those who want to play it safe or don’t trust their instincts enough. 

What’s your direction

The weekend featuring the 9th and 10th will remind you that you need passion in your life and you’ll try to reheat what’s left of it in your relationship.

Even young couples will find it hard at the moment to rekindle their emotions, either due to too much work or their minds being too busy with themselves to even think of the person next to them.

Small obstacles to pave your way if you don’t speak out so beware of misunderstandings and instead of letting people resort to their own choices, try to steer them in the right direction if you see them going off. Hoping for the best is not good enough this first half.

Some extra hours in the work place as well might be required to catch up with some things you might have missed in the past weeks or just to cope with a busier than usual period.

Challenging your excuses

Avoid unfunded decisions and being cruel with people just because this is how you feel at that moment. At the beginning of the year everyone is expecting for others to be just as refreshing as the long holiday break has been and to be a lot more acceptant of things than during the rest of the year.

The worst you can do is dismiss someone else’s feelings and in case you deal with some complaints at work, take them very seriously and do your best to resolve them or else they will hunt you for many days to come.

I know you though you just got away from the holidays and you get a free pass to ignore your family but unfortunately this is not the case and they actually get increasingly more present. It is as if the more time you spend with them, the more they demand and you don’t really have the force to say no.

Or who knows, maybe you would be able to find the perfect excuses but your subconscious is somehow sabotaging you and making you spend more time with them. It will be a lesson of patience and understanding that you have to learn when in their company.

Waiting for the results

You might also get to spend a lot of time with an old friend, maybe fate bringing you back together or building up a new friendship with an acquaintance with whom you didn’t know so far that you have so much in common with.

However, you won’t be satisfied enough and you’ll still consider things are too good to be true until you test them. I assume some days this month will have you busy trying to devise ways to test this friendship. Interesting to see the result.

Financially speaking, I don’t think you really settled your priorities and whether you want to save something this year so things are going to be quite hectic for a while, although Mercury and Jupiter are rooting for you to find balance and might show up with some opportunities on your doorstep.

Your partner might come with some good advice or maybe with their own example but you are too stubborn to accept a ready made solution and you are waiting for inspiration to come down on you as well.

Try not to negotiate your paycheck this month because, as long as you don’t settle your spending, the stars are not going to allow any more influx in this black hole.

What else do you need now

Venus also wants to have some fun with you so will send you a lot of moodiness to couple with that passion of yours.

Tricks and games will be on the daily program after the 15th but things will slowly wind off as you’re approaching the last week of the month.

Another warning not to be too cruel and to always ensure that your partner feels this is for fun and not in any way with any bad thoughts or wishes in.

Towards the 20th, take some time to rest and relax and remind yourself what you wanted to do this month, check what you accomplished and what is next.

However, don’t go on the pessimistic path and don’t start counting what went wrong or worse, start complaining to everyone willing to listen to you.

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