Sagittarius January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 3590 views

While you might prefer to go through an agitated January, things are looking quite calm and you will have to make use of what is given to you. Those who are patient will learn something new and there will be a lot more time to think through your actions.

It is a great moment for plans of all kinds but you better resist the temptation to put them in practice because by the end of the month, your motivations will have changed. You are influences by small situations and trust way too much details.

Even faced with reality, you prefer to follow your own path and this will make you very stubborn and relentless, something very useful, especially in the workplace. Some promises you have been made will finally reach a conclusion.

Family influence

You may not find yourself surrounded by the right company during the first few days and this kind of sets you back. It may be that those people, most likely family related, don’t have the best influence on you.

Luckily you don’t have to play the nice host for too long and things are turning back to your usual normal quite fast after their departure.

The influence however, may be seen a little, in the way you act around your partner especially. Tey know you pretty well to realize what has just happened.

If they are brave enough, they might flag this but the likelihood is that you will deny the whole thing and avoid discussing any of this. They might force you by adopting a similar behavior to yours but you won’t have any of that either.

Challenging yourself

Around the 10th you are being spoiled by the events that are going on in your life, events that make you feel very confident and attractive. For some natives, this is the best moment of the month to make themselves remarked.

However, if you are trying to obtain a better position at work, you might want to use something more than you charm.

Getting some more responsibility or intervening at a key moment and saving the day should be points from where to start, in case you haven’t figured it by now.

You are sick of waiting for some kind of chance so you decide to create yourself a window of opportunity around the 13th. Some natives will be lucky enough to succeed while other will consider that they have been wronged. Anything but realizing your own faults, obviously.

A bit of patience, please

Venus is also tapping into your emotional and sensual resources, for the benefit of your love interest, of course. Some couples may be looking at settling down, perhaps by going house hunting or looking into making things official.

The only word of caution there is about this situation is for couple who haven’t been together for too long and whom might still be too smitten to know exactly what they want.

Sometimes it is best to wait and reflect, no matter how big the fire inside may be. There are a lot of alternatives you can make use for now, before committing to something you might end up regretting, no matter if this doesn’t sound romantic at all.

By the way, don’t expect too much romance either, unless you purposely do something in this direction. It’s just that everyone is quite practical and busy chasing what they want.


There will be some unprecedented change happening around the 23rd, not necessarily having to do with your life, but surely impacting it. Perhaps a consistent part of the family has made an important decision and you haven’t been present and now feel left outside.

And to add to this feeling of outsider, you find it difficult to delegate at work or enter some sort of conflict because of your inadaptability and people are kind of avoiding you for now.

Temporary or not, this still plays a big role into how your thoughts are formed and a lot of frustration might come out of this. You also seem stuck in a rut with ideas on how to relax, thus adding extra frustration to the mix.

Some natives may have to deal with health risks as well, some brought by their minds, other that are simply related to the state of their organs.

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