Sagittarius January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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January will bring people born to the sign of Sagittarius a peaceful period when it comes to their career and atmosphere at work will be a pleasant one with a normal work pace.

Sagittarians can use this month, for example, to educate themselves. You will spend your free time with your partner and family because you will feel the best when you are with them.

It is a magical moment in this year that begins, the sky seems to invite you to explore other possibilities, expand your field of affective vision to unsuspected places. It is necessary to take advantage of this powerful seduction!

During or around the 18th, the energies of the Mercury conjunction with Pluto, are felt. Tensions may increase on its tone, leading to more or less external excitement.

It is certain that your will find one way or another to go out and make changes in the way you relate to those next to you. If this makes things between you and them evolve in the right direction, perhaps you should not be scared of what will follow.

Important to note

It is the beginning of the year, and with Jupiter, the "great benefactor" of the zodiac, at home in your place, luck is assured for at least a while. This beautiful transit is reinforced by the passage of Venus on your skies.

January starts off with a good first week, full of good surprises, of opening to the world, of personal ascension, of appreciation. The only bad thing could lie in some misunderstandings that can appear and in some mistakes that you don’t want to apologise about.

But if you remain attentive and disciplined, you will take advantage of the good aspects that have just been mentioned. During the last week, you may wish to make some room in your busy schedule for your dear friends.

Sagittarius love horoscope for January

January will be for sure a beautiful month for romance, especially as early on, from the 7th, Venus joins Jupiter in your sign to remain there until the end of the month.

It is the best time of the year to expand your romantic, friendly and social relationships: the climate is entrepreneurial, benefiting, optimistic, all the ingredients of beautiful adventures in to have!

If you are in a couple, luck will be accompanying you and your partner and projects will take magnitude. Some might even decide on an important change, perhaps relocation, for love.

An excellent atmosphere will be matured with combativeness throughout the month, in the face of any issues and with a spirit of enterprise and frank camaraderie, that can only be seen in very well linked couples.

For those who belong to the sign of Sagittarius and remain without a partner, but want to fall in love later or earlier, the month of January can bring you several surprises.

If you are single, remember that this is a blessed period and you are overflowing of charisma, the bubbling eye and a heart full of benevolence to wreak havoc. One thing is for sure, you will not have any lack of choice.

Once in 2019, little will be the desire that those of this sign to meet someone special or to forge a relationship. However, as the days of the calendar are ticked away, the attitude will change considerably, even going so far as to suggest that there is someone special out there that can be something more than a friendship.

You make new friends, original relationships, research media or unknown cultures and you could find a diamond in the rough!

Be careful if you decide to take the next step, since you should be fully sure or fully safe before acting with a person you know. Maybe it's better to take it easy and try to meet someone outside your environment.

It is not that you leave him as a second plate, but you must test the ground before launching, and it is not so bad that you have a plan B or even a plan C.

Money and career at the start of the year

The professional field will be the best during the beginning of this 2019 and things continue to improve every day. If you are a Sagittarius who is working you will notice how you progress in the first three weeks of the year 2019.

You are a good or a good professional, and you have to take it into account, but do not fall asleep on your laurels or believe yourself more than you are.

Within the theme of money, you deserve a good reprimand this month because you do not pay attention to what the stars tell you and not even to what the people who care about you and your economic well-being tell you.

You are too accustomed to living beyond your means, and perhaps at some point in your life you can afford it, but it will not always be like that.

This message goes especially for the younger Sagittarians, it is important that you have a savings culture, because maybe you have won money at a given time or you have a family t supports you, but it is time to grow up and think with perspective and the future.

After this little reprimand, it only remains to say that you have a whole year to save and stop spending so much.

Your health this January

With regards to physical health issues, there are not going to be many changes this month. It is true that you went through a bad spell and it is also true that with all the excesses that clung to your body over the holidays, you need to be very careful the next couple of weeks.

But the healthy mission is not impossible so stop finding yourself excuses because you can quickly get, with a little effort, to a state in which you feel very good in your body.

If you rest exactly how much you need and you keep eating well and you forget about the Christmas excesses, you can spend a first month of the year 2019 at the top of energy and with a physical health that many would like for themselves Do not forget to practice exercise, either.

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