Sagittarius July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3381 views

This July will see you partially on the move and partially stopped questioning what you are doing. You are quick to jump head first but then you still have these moments of clarity and awakening in which you get back with the feet on the ground.

Interesting is that, while others might feel overwhelmed by this succession, especially at the rate that is happening in your life, you are actually enjoying it. And on top of this, it seems that your creativity is benefiting to.

The down side is that you have no energy left for those who count in your life, friends and family and that even work might suffer. Your financial position will dwell between extremes as well but only because you are too afraid to actually gain back control of it and you keep postponing important decisions.

Promoting change

The new Moon with which the month starts promotes change in your life and you will probably find it easy to give up some old ways. There might be some interactions you can’t avoid so don’t think that you will be able to give up people as well. The relationships at work might be tense but there isn’t much you can do about them either.

Some negotiations are going to see you regain some territory you lost a while ago but don’t rejoice too much because there may be a follow up to this.

Some travel occasion around the 11th will bring further ray of sunshine in your life and of course things are going to be seen through rose tinted lenses. Beware of newcomers in your life and don’t trust them with anything personal though.

Difficult times

As mentioned above, there is quite a strain on the relationship you have with your friends and chances are they will wrongly interpret your reactions during this period.

And the fact that you might start refusing their invitations will only add more gasoline to the fire.

Coming the middle of the month, you might have the chance to balance some things out but there is quite a deal of effort required from you in order to do that. Interesting to see whether you will consider important to invest this.

If you really ought to do it, don’t procrastinate because it will only make things even more difficult. On top of this, a difficult financial moment might actually see you crawling back to your family for help.

Setting the record straight

Venus is prompting you to do something to legalize your situation, some natives will probably take this as serious as to get married while others might consider doing some papers up or getting a joint account.

It will be an emotional breakthrough for both parts indeed. But remember to greet this with optimism rather than reluctance.

Around the 18th you might be able to share the joy with your whole family and don’t avoid this. While other discussions might rise, depending on other family tensions, the overall atmosphere will quite soothe you.

A bit of censorship

There is no time to elope or something like that so you can just dream with your eyes open and plan a future escape.

Coming back to work, you are on sensible ground and will have to censor your thoughts. Sometimes you are way too direct and perhaps consider some people to be a lot closer than they actually are.

Some other feelings might need to be reprimanded as well in certain natives. It isn’t like you are going through a terrible existential crisis but let’s put it that you are asking yourself too many questions at the same time.

If you have any debt to pay, around the 26th might be good time as things seem to speed up again for you. Mercury might help you out with some investment but don’t do anything risky. Some natives might follow their humanitarian aspect and participate in some kind of fund raiser.

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