Sagittarius July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-06-24, 5044 views

An exciting July awaits and even better, you are more in control than you can imagine and there will be exact moments when your need to make key choices is going to be very obvious.

It may be that you will be caught up with work and all sort of matters but you will also have plenty of time for pleasures and for relaxing.

You may feel this need to expand your horizon by knowing more and more and this may get you in connection with education again. You will also be keen to reconnect with friends and may end up spending more time with them than the previous month.

It may also be that you will worry about travel but then have the time of your life and you may regard some family obligations as a nuisance but then, once they have passed, you will understand the deeper meanings of what you have lived.


Enhance! Towards the end of the month you may also be more inclined towards meditation, although you may not reach very far with your thoughts because you will be more distracted by your love life, which in itself, is not really the worst thing either.

A bit selfish

If there is something people can’t really criticise you about, then it’s your assertiveness. But imagine what happens when an aspect famous for enhancing self-confidence and awareness, comes to town.

Well the Mercury Mars opposition is going to wake up new feelings in you and what will result is one courageous natives. Perhaps a bit reckless but nonetheless courageous.

And it seems that it will actually be towards work that you will focus all this newly found energy and boldness and you are likely to manage to sort out in a couple of days, some dynamic you have been struggling with for a long time.


TOP TIP of the month: It may also be that you enrol onto a course or produce a project, something to boost your self-development, although this may also mean that you will need to make some compromises in terms of the time you have to spend with your family.

However, you will definitely be able to make amends from the 11th onwards, when, under two subsequent trines of Venus, the first with Uranus and the second with Saturn, the romance levels in your life are going to spike, along with your creativity and your attention in this department.

You may not be very open to experimenting in the bedroom but you are surely going to serve your partner in every other way. This is a great moment for a romantic escapade or for heart felt discussions about the relationship.

Don’t hurry into legalizing anything or taking the next step, you may still want to sleep on this and not act on impulse.


Watch out! For single natives, the only word of caution refers to the fact that you can expect to be hit by Cupid’s arrow at almost any time this month but don’t be that easy in losing your head or in creating too high expectations because life may quickly show you that things are not as sweet.

Pushing boundaries

Towards the middle of the month you may return with your feet on the ground for a bit with the occasion of some challenges at work, challenges that at first may fascinate and get you all enthusiastic but then may transform into a bit of a of a panic once you realize how serious they are.

Perhaps you really want to do your best because this means impressing your superiors and increasing your chances at a promotion.

You may even have to ward off some criticism from fellow colleagues, perhaps someone who is jealous of your recent success.

It is likely that you will have the stars on your side with the Sun square Uranus aspect debuting on the 25th, an aspect known for increasing flexibility and pushing mind boundaries with natives who are open and available for this. And in your case, you surely are open to anything new and will take any opportunities coming your way.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Lunar Eclipse forming on the 27th marks a great moment to deal with past frustrations that may have gathered up for you. Your partner may also have the occasion to show how much they care about you.

For the single natives, because you may lack the support of a partner and your family may not have that strong of an influence to keep you grounded, you will need to avoid exaggerations such as working too much by sticking to a routine of some kind. It may even be something that you put in place just temporarily, to get you through this week.

Passion will reignite in couple that may have been driven a little apart lately and it seems that under the Venus trine Pluto aspect on the 27th, romance will be in the air but so will possessiveness and jealousy. This is the time at which suspicions will be most likely to surface.

You end up the month in a rather cheerful note with the Lunar Eclipse that will restore balance in your case and will remind you of the bold disposition you have started the month in. You are also going to be inclined towards investments of all kinds, especially in the property domain.

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