Sagittarius June 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-05-21, 3440 views

Unexpected allies will provide more fun than you’d imagined this June but there is also a price you will have to pay for this. For some natives it might be extra work to get the money to finance the friendly escapade while others will have to neglect their family life in order to enjoy themselves fully, a temptation they will succumb to.

The month doesn’t start under the best auspices though, better said it will be more of a stagnant beginning, something to get on your nerves and of course, not announce anything good. You are advised to let things brew and not try to begin anything important during this period.

Friendly activities

Some kind of health scare will probably add to the mix and you will finally listen to all the signals around you and get some rest. Needless to say that this time spend at home will come in hand later on. You might even get the change to deal with some chores while at it.

What you will most likely be on search for is the thrill of making things happen and not necessarily will you have the patience to follow them to completion.

This is something that might get on the nerves of those around you but overall you are safe. It appears that friendship relationship are getting stronger thanks to Neptune and during the following weeks you will see this bond in practice.

A good time to make any small amends you have postponed so far and to close any small quarrels you might have on going with your friends.

Peak productivity

Around the middle of the month you will be on top of your game at work and probably beat your own productivity record. Take advantage of this as it seems that after a week or so, your capacity to concentrate will diminish and you will be very easily distracted.

The Moon eclipse on the 15th will help you clear your life further and you can finally make room for something new, both in your things and in your mind.

While in the past you might have found it difficult to get rid of particular things, during this period you will have the strength to do it.

This also applies to any bad habits you might want to abandon so make a step in this direction as well. You will be quite agitated at first but things will be easier and easier as the days go by.

Love or not

The second half of the month also seems to bring the prospect of rekindling a long lost passion, either at a distance or because you are finally both in the same place. Try to keep your hopes low because you don’t know how much your love interest has changed in those months or years.

But what am I saying, you are not that influenced anyways and it seems that your main interests and attractions are in a different area anyway.

You may be looking for some love related excitement but the prospects of having to sit through all the emotional baggage, don’t really appeal to you at the moment.

And finally, as the pressure amounts, some travel occasion will transport you in a place where you can finally unleash that funnier and more entertaining version of yourself.

You are empathic though as you seem concerned for the wellbeing of everyone in your group and are really taking care of everyone.

Don’t spend too much but don’t be too stressed about this either because things will be quite relaxed and many of the situations to bring you most joy are going to be free. Some romance prospects might brush past you but you won’t be too impressed again.

Getting back to work

The end of the month seems to culminate with your return to more mundane activities but it is not about taking it from the beginning but more about some things that have been brewing finally reaching completion.

You will be able to draw a line on some matters and make plans for second stages on others. Don’t be too arrogant though because not everything brings the best auspices and you might also have to face failure in some respects.

Some question marks might appear in regard to your ability to tackle some activities but it seems that you will be convincing enough for your superiors to hand you some other serious work and to increase their expectations.

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