Sagittarius June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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There will be moments this June when you won’t really know whether to believe your own eyes. Rapid changes are planned ahead by the stars and you will need all the intuition you are capable of, in order to keep up with them.

And to complicate matters further, you will also be kept rather busy with all sort of small, and rather mundane situations, both at work and at home.

Whilst you are going to be very responsible and deal with everything and prioritize just right, your tendency will be to isolate yourself from those dear. This is how you will regain your train of thoughts.

At a glance it may seem unproductive, but it is exactly through applying this distance in your relationship that you are going to heighten the passion between you and your partner and have them open up to you with some expectations that they have been harbouring for a while now.

Channel positive thoughts and try to eliminate anything that may block your optimism or your enthusiasm of trying new things.


Enhance! This month offers you the occasion to help your family in a crucial moment and to showcase some abilities you have so far kept hidden from everyone.

Intimate aspects

The first week of June will be all about a hidden relationship or unrequited emotions. You may find that you are longing for making things official and will try to push things in this direction.

On the other hand, although you may seem very emotional, you are actually very stable and even preoccupied with financial matters and other issues of a practical natures. Around the 5th you will have the honour to help a friend with some official plans.

As until the 7th, the Sun and Mercury are squaring Neptune, your sense of reality may be slightly distorted and you may not be following the right paths. You are avoiding professional advice and will prefer to follow your intuition.

Some natives may be disappointed to find out that an endeavour they were planning for a long time or an important purchase they were preparing for, has now fallen through.


Watch out! You might want to stay away from over-thinking past events, especially those related to your love life. You have the tendency to be overly critical and brand a failure, any attempt that didn’t go as expected.

Matters of the heart will be both explored and exploited, with your attempting to manipulate your partner into submission as time is drawing near the June 13 New Moon.

Instead of purifying yourself and discovering those good intentions hidden inside you on this occasion, you will prefer to follow temptation and carnal desires.

Because, Mercury who is actually the governor of your relationship area, is moving into the Seventh house, the intensity of your love life is increasing, but so are the chances for you to gain real intimacy with your loved one.

Within this aspect, you may also seek to gain approval from your social circle, some way to validate your romantic choice.


TOP TIP of the month: Any educational endeavours will be benefited during the second half of the month but this doesn’t mean you don’t need to put all your effort in too.

Revealing moments

After the 22nd, Mercury will be opposing Pluto, thus triggering a battle of ideas and expectations, one in which you are not only competing with those around but also with your own mind. You will feel the need to get into crafts or other practical ideas that could help settle your mind.

Some natives may be more inclined towards spending their time at home, although they will find it difficult to stay for too lengthy periods of time in the company of their families.

Some emotional conflict may arise due to some controversial opinions you may come with.

You will however, show just how resourceful you are and will leave nay inhibitions aside. This is a great time to take any chances in education you may have thought you weren’t good enough for.

You may want to be careful with your money though around the 23rd, because it will take a while before the next financial opportunity surfaces.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury square Uranus aspect developing at the very end of the month is a time of contradiction between thoughts and actions which marks an opportunity to understand ourselves better.

With Venus in Leo do expect to be more generous and more able to recognize beauty in small things. Your taste will be exquisite and likely to be congratulated by important people.

However, your focus may be in a different direction, perhaps trying to connect the dots in regard to some shady events at work.

You may feel you are the only one with good intentions but this is not the case. The word of advice is to stay away from office politics, especially before the Full Moon on the 28th where some interesting revelations may surface.

This Full Moon will help some people break free from traditional constraints and this is when you are going to finally realize what their motivations were to begin with.

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