Sagittarius June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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If you are able to organize your time effectively in June and you will work hard enough, you have a chance to meet your goals and beyond that.

But you may need to put an enormous amount of effort, one that at the moment, you don’t really seem willing to. In any case, Sagittarius should think about which goals are worth pursuing and which not.

Wow! The luck brought in your life by Jupiter remains in your career area until September. Healer asteroid Chiron occupies the second house of talent and money so finance should be interesting too. Neptune's spirit occupies the third house of communication so here things might be a little foggy or too idealistic.

This month gives you the opportunity to remove thoughts that could block your optimism and confidence towards those who are coming to change.

Feelings and passions can be agitated, but clarity and wisdom will win at the end of the day.

Friends may disappoint you, but maybe it's a message to be among those who support you more. Vacations or rest and relaxation are a requirement this June too.

June highlights

You will start the month with a great disposition and great tonus, plus sustained efforts on a professional level are likely to lead to winnings that can’t be neglected.

Use your intuition and let yourself guided by what you are feeling. If something looks like it is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t and you should be careful about it.

After the 9th, chances of some tensions at home increase, especially if you are too tired to communicate and explain to your loved one what it is that you have been doing.

You may also feel a bit frustrated by the mood of stagnation that surrounds the domestic territory of your life but you are not going to do much to get out of this either.

During the second half of the month, you will avoid any incumbent tensions by isolating yourself and just tending to activities that you really enjoy, without caring about what others might think of you.

Take full advantage of the Full Moon that takes place in the Sagittarius sign on the 17th for a personal re-evaluation, but also to balance your needs with the needs of others. Or point to a situation that bothers you.

From the 27th onward, you have a good mental tone and your mind is shining so you are likely to return to the good mood in which you have started the month.

Sagittarius love horoscope for June 2019

The New Moon on the 3rd will promote and enhance your seduction skills and you will surely have a good time, if trying to impress someone. Your private life could also be spiced up a bit, with more care for the wishes and fears of the other.

One of the underlying themes of this month may be related to how you and your loved one manage to occupy your time together and how you handle emotional and financial resources.

If you are not married, you could have a meeting out of the ordinary, marked by intellectual effervescence and an extremely deep attraction.

But beware, because truly beneficial meetings for you are likely to predominantly, if not only, take place in the first half of the month.

From the 20th onwards, attractions can be strong and very sensual, but most likely short-lived.

Venus’ activity is also helping you out, so you can expect an improvement in affective life. If you have a relationship with a colleague it could get into a more serious, assuming engagement, even if you do not immediately go to change your status.

It is worth noting that Mercury's transit through the house of intimacy between the 4th and the 27th, might bring some tensions and heated discussions but surely making up after those will be equally as sweet.

Career progress this month

Sagittarius’ career horoscope highlights the possibility of notable benefits from business associations and, more than that, the benefits of any kind of partnership, a balanced, stable work life, and the desire to solve some problems associated with home or family, all whilst juggling everything else.

The Full Moon occurring on the 17th in your sign, and the astral conjuncture in which this event takes place is favorable to career and change.

June is a dynamic month, full of opportunities and profitable in terms of professional relationships. The information you receive from your fellow colleagues is very important and can help you make progress.

On the other hand, Mercury will be transiting your eight house, so it’s time to be bold about radical changes in professional strategies and long-term projects. Or maybe you need to overcome a series of old fears and anxieties and just move on from the present situation.

From a financial point of view, things are not that simple either. The money comes, but with delays and efforts, and can cause conflicts and soul discontents.

Managing shared money and common resources is a blow to you. Equally difficult could be a possible process of sharing or getting an inheritance or paying off debts. You should be very cautious about your taxes and duties, especially if it is an old tax that you need to repay.

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