Sagittarius March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 2932 views

A good month for all kinds of meetings, ranging from professional, collaboration deciding interactions to romantic encounters. You are charming and well behaved but maybe there is a little bit more in the mix in order to be entirely convincing.

Around the 5th things are starting to heat up and maybe you get the chance to participate in some sort of upscale event, meet some important people and create some connections.

Jupiter is not going to be too supportive with whatever you did in the past and are now trying to hide so you might as well be honest about it with everyone, if and when confronted.

This shouldn’t shadow the good mood though, because it is not like you are being chased by your pat, it’s just you will need to recognize some matters, perhaps in a more private setting.

What is happening next

And if we’re at personal matters, don’t forget this whole month that is more than advisable to not postpone anything you’ve already promised you will be doing. Try your best, take some time off or whatever compromise is required in order to accomplished what you said you will.

Not only will this put you in an advantageous position but will also help you not gather even more activities later.

The current disposition proposes you to channel your attention towards people rather than things and keep this in mind in terms of money as well, so no more impulse shopping for now.

As the 11th is approaching you will be even more concerned about your appearance, both physical and mental and how others perceive you. It might not be a bad time for some change.

And if you are not courageous enough to do something radical to your appearance then maybe you can improve something in your lifestyle. Your house might deserve a small upgrade or maybe your clothing.

How do you relax

You’ve got a lot of energy and this beginning of Spring seems to favor travel so why not put these two together. Plus you get the chance to do something totally out of impulse with little to no planning.

Maybe ask your partner to take you to a surprise destination. This will not only help you relax but might put you in contact with a very useful piece of information.

At work things do look a lot more complicated than they should be and you need to pay a lot of attention, especially during the middle days of the month, to any documents or papers that are being brought to you, more so if you are being asked to sign them or are responsible in any way for them.

Focus on routine activities during the morning although it might sound counterproductive, you will see that in the afternoon you are a lot more settled and imaginative and you can handle even pressuring deadlines.

Dwelling around

Unlike your usual self, you might not prove too much confidence this particular month and perhaps some natives might actually fall in the other extreme and be all negative about what they can or can’t do.

There won’t be anyone to hold your hand in this regard and to pick you up so you either consider yourself warned and not go on this path or you take your own risk.

Mercury-Jupiter are going to help you with your family though, so in case you have some recent conflict to mend, do open your heart and wait for a similar sign. You are prompted to be honest and talk about your feelings, even if at first this might seem a bit weird.

Building some safety

On the other hand, don’t get too comfortable with this because it only applies to really personal matters. At work you need to avoid gossip and trying to get more personal with other people. You never know how these things are interpreted and you surely don’t want to get into a sensible situation.

Towards the end of the month you seem to be very interested in investments, building safety around you and trying to gain as much as possible.

But given the disposition, apparently you can only do it through your own personal efforts so don’t expect any opportunities to come from the skies. It tends to get easier if you focus on your goals for longer but only because you tend to build upon your own ideas not because of any extra help.

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