Sagittarius March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 3813 views

You are going to be with your eyes on the clock more than ever this March but a lot from the pressure that is building up is actually caused by yourself and what you are putting on you.

There is a lot of fear of missing out in your mind although you are doing as much as you can, given your circumstances. You may compare yourself with the wrong kind of people. You can’t expect to have the same opportunities as some people younger than you but at the same time can’t blame yourself for not achieving as much as other, more experienced people, are.

A lot of creativity to be harvested out there but for that you need patience and to let go of some of that pressure. Professional life can be a lot more satisfying than it has been lately. You might also feel as if you have stuff to prove to others.

Building road blocks

Around the 5th, your emotions are going to stay in the way of achievement and you are probably going to stop yourself in the tracks because of some feelings of inadequacy that are just surfacing.

You are very strict about some boundaries and don’t really see beyond them. Those who are working with rules are not even going to think about bending them and those who don’t have any rues, are sort of inventing some.

Celebrations might come after a team effort but again, you are not really feeling a part of that so you might say pass, even if you may actually be one of the main people celebrated. Bad feelings will demotivate you quicker than you imagine so don’t let your mind roam freely.

Bringing others together

The current disposition will be great for promoting new initiatives, even if you don’t really start working at them straight away. Have your voice heard, even if you think that those dreams are too big and that nothing is going to come out of them.

There may not be some serious financial rewards from that but you don’t really think about those anyway.

Natives who are not really out there are invited to place themselves where the action is. They will be surprised of what can be achieved when minds are put together, even if this also takes account of some personality clashes going on.

There is a word of warning though, beware of thinking too long ahead because of most of what you are doing is just bringing people together temporarily and this will be short lived.

How you deal with relationships

Progress will be something that will concern you during the second half of March but this time, it is in the area of your relationship. Some natives will feel as if there are no perspective and perhaps things are in a rut.

Others will be quick to judge on others relationships and this might end up putting a strain on some friendships as well.

The interesting combination is that what you are experiencing in your love life is going to have a big impact in terms of how you feel and how your health is doing.

you don’t realize it, the more stressed you are with that, the more tired you will feel and perhaps other personal sensibilities are going to be exacerbated. Keep a cool mind and the rest will probably follow.

The elephant in the room

Around the 26th, you might gift yourself something quite expensive that might end raising some eyebrows around. There is no need to question your choice, especially if you had your mind set up on that for a long time.

This subject will highlight other issues going on, perhaps in your family and although you are trying to avoid them, you will find that they are, in fact, quite hard to go round.

You will also have the tendency to try and find someone to speak for you but it is highly unlikely that you will find someone willing to take this role.

There may be some childish talks involved but the likelihood is that the end result will eliminate a lot of the frustration that has been going on lately.

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