Sagittarius March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3311 views

With Mars in your sign during the first half of the month, you will benefit from extra energy that you are advised to channel into work related endeavors. The quality of your work will not very significantly and there are quite a few chances for you to be remarked by a superior.

The only word of caution, in an otherwise very active month, may have to do with your need to take better care of yourself. There may be moments in which other priorities will take over and you will simply forget about your own needs or even those of your partner.

During the second half of the month you will exhibit a highly independent behavior and won’t let anyone else touch the ball. You may be slightly disillusioned if you think you can convince everyone with your charm. The lunar eclipse on the 14th may shed some light on why some past plans of yours didn’t become reality.

A certain honesty about you

The very first aspect you will come across this March is the Venus trine Jupiter. This is a disposition in which you are more at peace with your choices and your behavior and this tends to be seen in the way you interact with those around and in how honest you are.

Matters of loyalty may come to play but not in your love life. It may be that you are somewhat challenged at work and you will need to make executive decisions, knowing that someone will eventually get hurt.

Make sure you justify your decisions but don’t over think. If you are sure something needs to happen then there is no need to appear weak and allow others to question it.

Where you’re hiding

With the Sun conjunct Neptune, your sensitivity is increased and you may want to steer away from information that is negative or anxiety inducing. Some natives will hide into books and films, in order to live in an alternative reality.

You should be warned that all this mental activity will drain your energy so perhaps you should get more sleep and increase the frequency of your breaks, especially until the 10th of the month.

After this moment, you may gain some clarity and in some cases, your motivation will be that strong that you will turn into a great negotiator and mentor and will likely dispense advice to everyone around.

Stepping stones

The new Moon in Pisces, appears to form aspects to Mars and Uranus, a pattern called the Medium Learning Triangle. This may seem all very complex but it will reduce to some very simple directions of actions for the second half of March.

Firstly, you will need to do whatever it takes to control your emotions and increased sensitivity, or else you will likely be taken advantage of. Secondly, don’t go rambling on during any conversation because not only you will not make a great impression but the message you are trying to transmit will get diluted.

Be direct and concise, helpful but firm and tackle any problem head on. The more you linger on a decision, the more complicated it is going to become for you to take it.

You may want to be careful with any late information that is brought to the table and may want to be cautious with any changes in the rules during the game.

You may also fall in the other extreme and limit how communicative you are and this may lead others to believe that you are hiding something.

Where does pressure come from

Mercury retrograde occurring at the end of March won’t affect you as much in terms of communications and its usual effects. You may feel slightly clouded around the 25th but it will be the weekend so there won’t be as much pressure on you anyways.

What you may want to be careful with, during the last week of the month, would be what you spend your money on. You may feel inclined to satisfy all your desires and indulge and as well cover any bad feelings with the satisfaction you get from buying new things.

You may find that some unexpected expenses surface, perhaps some natives will need to take an unexpected trip and travel arrangements will be quite costly. Whilst in some cases, there may be the option to take extra hours as work, this is not a long term and viable solution, especially not one beneficial for your health.

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