Sagittarius May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 2830 views

This May will be like a perfect dance for you, a mixture of responsibility and pleasure, all being shared with the person next to you. It appears that your professional life can only advance if you are happy with your personal life, something those around you are responsible for and seem to be doing a great job at.

Single natives have no reasons to be jealous either because, although they don’t benefit from a loved one’s support, they have more freedom to pursue their plans and have fewer limitations to think about.

The first half of the month will be centered around work but there will be some sort of domestic breakthrough as well. You are finally coming around a solution for a trouble you’ve been having for a while. And it is easier and less expensive than you ever imagined so why not celebrate that as well.

Some time ahead

The 5th and 7th of the month will come with some nice opportunities to go out and socialize but try not to put this ahead any work you have and especially don’t postpone any work.

Although you may not have any pressing deadlines, your persistence and motivation should factor in enough as to not let you lose the track. Your friends on the other hand might pose their own resistance so it will really be challenging to keep your head straight around those days.

Mars retrograde is also offering you some reasons to use your brain to unlock some blockages in your personal life and might pose a risk on all this mood for action you have going on there.

All about work

Around the middle of the month you seem to find greater peace in your work as Sun and Mercury plus them collaborating with Venus in your work house to keep you there, focused and in the middle of the battle.

But the war is yet to be won and certain financial inconvenient might stress you those days, not allowing you to pursue the usual tasks. Perhaps you have forgotten about some bills or that debt keeps gathering up. This is sure to cloud any accomplishment feeling you might have from your work.

And the only person you can possibly blame is yourself so don’t try to take it out on those around you. I shouldn’t even warn you about this because the entire situation will prevent you from even attempting to do so. Everyone around you seems to be keeping their feet well on the ground and won’t permit you to play with them or use them to get out your nerves.

A temporary situation

Short term situations are going to be your favorite around the 20th because you prefer to work onto things with quick results and are expecting instant gratification. Your family on the other side might be pressuring you into acting even more grown up than you already are and might ask you for longer term arrangements.

Don’t use your love life as pretext to get out of this situation because it might force you to enter in even more complex arrangements, plus you are interfering with your partner’s life path as well.

Avoid saying that you will do things, especially if you are 100% aware you are not going to do them. It is not only as to not disappoint others but it also relates to respect for yourself.

What keeps you going

The last week of May seems to contribute to your general well being with a heap of good luck, not necessarily in the areas you might expect or need it and not in the quantity you are craving for it.

However, you know that they say you should be happy with whatever you are getting from fate and this is exactly one of those moments so don’t be too picky.

You are also very proud for not appealing to any help these few days and you are feeling a lot more independent than you have felt the whole month. You are allowed now to bask into this delight, but only as long as it doesn’t prompt you to take any risks, indulge yourself in any excesses and in general lose your train of thought.

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