Sagittarius May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3337 views

You are not very patient this May but it seems that this month is not playing by the rules either and is going to indulge you. There are chances for advancement at a rapid pace but you also need to prove your capability.

Finally, there will be some results from a previous effort but it seems that you have moved past this and are not very excited about this coming now. On the other hand, those close will still want to recognize this so a celebration is probably in store.

You are very happy with other responsibilities coming on you but at the same time, try to delegate as much of work as possible. Some natives will be able to meet people from a select group and might be put a good word in.

Learning lessons

You should try and dedicate the first week to any education endeavors you have going on because there are high chances these are going to bring you the most rewards.

On the other hand, you seem to be very positive about your capacity in something you don’t really have experience in and it seems that practice will prove you wrong.

Don’t let yourself down and try to learn from mistakes. And to make matters more difficult, it seems that the expectations of those close to you are going to increase.

You might feel the need to shut everyone down but in the end, it is best to hear them out. Who knows, they might actually end up boosting your morale.

New plans

Around the 15th, there may be some locative challenge for you, perhaps moving from one place to another or finding a place to stay while traveling. You will spend a lot of time browsing through all sorts of websites and will probably feel quite overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, this is going to be one of those things you will have to deal with on your own. Expect some last minute changes as well, either because you change your mind or find something better or because someone will let you down.

Needless to say that you are not going to accept that and that you are going to fight back. Negotiations of all kinds are favored so it wouldn’t be surprising if you would try to make your way into something extra.

Playing the victim

The second half of May will make you feel as if you can’t hear your own words but this is only because you are busy, not because what you are dealing with is too complicate for you. It may seem like this at the beginning but you should move past that quite easily.

Don’t get sucked up into any friend drama, especially when it comes to romantic stuff because you will spend way too much trying to fix something that is either not broken or that is broken beyond repair.

You might also borrow this tendency to victimize yourself which will take the levels of annoyance of those close to you way too high.

Not to mention the fact that this might make you a lot more susceptible to all sorts of imaginary dreams and to starting to doubt those around you for no reason.

Questionable choices

The last week of May is going to come with this moral dilemma for you and it seems that you might not find your answer to that as soon as you imagine you will. Some natives will be started off by someone close while others will manage to get in this point all by themselves.

Be it that the above discussed suspicion is starting to seep through or your partner does something you consider questionable, there might be a night of two of no or very bad sleep.

The only mistake you are doing here is the fact that you allow to torment yourself like this and don’t gather the courage to tackle things straight away. You are not using your extra energy, courtesy to Venus, in the right direction.

In the end, you might not be happy with what you discover if you dig deeper but at least you will be in a different position to that you are now in.

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