Sagittarius May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-04-22, 3493 views

This is one of those months in which diversification of activities, of talents and of emotions, is most welcomed. You are sort of allowed to be as distracted as you like. Some additional sources of entertainment and luck may come your way, perhaps via some distant relatives with whom you are now reconnecting.

The stars and their aspects appear to equip you with all it takes to keep you in motion, through better or worse, however, don’t push your luck.

There is no room for foolish risks or pushing boundaries when you don’t have good intentions in mind. Karma is still live and working so please remember that what you are doing will someday, sooner rather than later, return to you.

Even Mercury, who is not usually your biggest friend, will allow you some peace and quiet and will let you manifest yourself without tying your mouth. Around the middle of the month you may even benefit from unexpected eloquence, when you will need to do a very important presentation.


TOP TIP of the month: With the Sun shining a light on your relationship, you are at the peak of your seductiveness in the second half of the month. Flirty and passionate, you will do whatever it takes to show your partner how much fire there is in you.

Slowly but steadily

During the first week of May you may notice some steady progress at work but you may want not to let yourself fooled by kind words from your superiors. It is all right to be diplomatic when praised but don’t let your guard down, there is still a lot more to do.

You may want to keep a tight grip on your budget, especially around the 7th or else your expenses will become the subject of a rather nasty exchange with your partner.

Measure twice and cut once around the 13th, you are very productive and crafty but may get carried away with thinking that you are better than you actually are. Mentally you will remain very sharp as well, although you will be more inclined towards activities that involve your hands rather than your mind.


Astrological aspect of the month: On the 13th, Mercury enters Taurus, an aspect that favours critical thinking and bright ideas. The way you present your words is going to be your best ally, whether in professional or personal life.

After the 15th, there may be some oscillations in your professional life, perhaps an attempt of yours to change your job. You will try to mix your skills from work with some extraprofessional activities. Some natives may be required to deal with some complicated issues and may not really know who to turn to for help.

As the Sun will be shining over the house of your partnerships, after the 21, you appear to be rather open to changes in your relationship or starting a new one. Natives will be more likely to jump into a long-distance relationship than they have been so far.


Enhance: Surprising results can occur following small changes in your daily habits. This is a great month to sweat off any laziness you have in you. There is no harm in exercising a little bit more than usual.

In need of some answers

You will remain in a dream like state, where everything is possible and love conquers all, until the 26th, so not for very long, when Venus in Cancer becomes opposed to Saturn in Capricorn.

This is one tense aspect that will push you towards doubting everyone around. Suddenly, whatever your partner has said, now doesn’t really make sense anymore.

But the situation is not half as bad as you might picture it. If you dare to ask direct questions, you will receive honest and direct answers. You will then be able to connect the dots and then will probably feel in control again.


Watch out! This May you need to keep asking yourself whether what you are doing equips you for the result you are expecting. You are easily distracted and may lose focus exactly when you need it most.

And to brighten things a little more, it appears that there may be some financial benefits intertwined with all these problems.

With Jupiter, which is your ruling planet, retrograding through the twelfth house, you will fall on your thoughts more than usual during the last week of the month and will ponder over new possibilities in your life.

Some natives may finally make their minds up regarding relocating to a new place, perhaps a new country whilst others will propose or end relationships, in the hope to find the lost balance.

However you may want to put it, the end of the month will likely be slow and uneventful and then explosive. In most cases, this explosion will be followed by a newly found peace of mind, one that will put the following month of June in the best perspective.

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