Sagittarius May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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A period of fantasy is waiting for you this May so you will spend the majority of the month dreaming with your eyes open.

Whilst some might be quick to criticize you and try to bring you with your feet on the ground, especially family members, you won’t care very much about their opinions. Not to mention that you will not have trouble finding solutions to problems that others cannot handle.

This can be used in both your personal life and your workplace. People will be happy to come to you for advice and you will be next to them every step of the way because this will give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are on your side throughout the month and might come up with some good news too.

You will have moments of tenderness, closeness and relaxation with your loved one. Happy events can appear at every step! Enjoy these favourable aspects.

Health is slightly in danger for you this month. There is a risk of injury, illness and various medical problems. You have to take good care of yourself, to be as cautious and to try and protect yourself.

Financially, consider yourself warned that you will tend to speculate, but luck will not be on your side and you risk losing. Do not spend more than you can afford and, above all, do not get under debt unnecessarily.

May highlights

This month debuts with two trines of Mercury, both full of complexity and emotion, one with Pluto and the other with Jupiter. One is full of uncertainty and transformation, the other guarantees luck and good karma to those who speak up.

In any case, the constant for you should be good communication and being bold about your wishes and what you want to pursue.

There is no hiding behind the finger throughout the first week of May and you will call things directly by name and in front of whomever, no matter how important.

You are advised to keep this attitude for as long as you can and only bet on the truth. You will find that you are no longer paralyzed by a fear of truth.

But you might want to not put your money where your mouth is and not take any financial risks.

The Venus trine Jupiter aspect occurring on the 9th has the potential to bring a lot of spontaneity in your life and will leave you to enjoy some nice moments with your friends.

On the other hand, there may be some desire to test the relationships you have and you might challenge those close, just to see how far you can really trust them.

You have a good mental tonus around the middle of the month and this will help you loads at work. You will be able to pursue your tasks with maximum efficiency and even help others.

From the 21st onwards, you communicate better with almost everyone around, but this is not to say that you are protected from any tensions, especially if your opinions clash with those of others.

You are likely to finish the month in an optimistic note and look forward to the developments of the next one.

Sagittarius love horoscope for May

The sentimental life of Sagittarius is very agitated this May. There are occasions for unexpected attractions, relationships filled with passionate passion, wishes that can awaken true love obsessions, but luckily no quarrels.

The first half of the month is marked by the opposition between Mars and retrograde Jupiter, on the relational axis of the Sagittarius.

The beloved partner is likely to be very vehement in claims and can remind you of the great promises made recently, but who have remained at the stage of speech.

Or maybe you are going to be criticized for being too hesitant to assume commitments or to respect those already taken.

Try not to get out of control yourself and explain that you need some time for personal re-evaluations before making relationship related decisions.

In more stable relationships, whether official or not, it is possible to make future plans, concrete plans, calculated, assumed. Especially in the second half of May, it is very easy to find practical solutions and an understanding of the contributions to the common budget.

On the 21st, the Sun and Mercury enter Sagittarius’ seventh house, that or relationships and partnership, thus supporting communications about establishing a new relation or consolidating an old one.

This might also revive a former flame and thus the past might come hunting a few natives.

It's a period of joy to rediscover the pleasure of having someone along in good and in bad times, provided you are open to negotiation and willing to respect your partner's views.

Career progress this month

Give everything you can and put in all the effort and you will be finally rewarded for all your hard work this May. If you are not financially satisfied, you will probably get enough spiritual benefits, or some other great results, perhaps for your personal development.

It seems that this month you are very focused on improving yourself and even on what will happen with your career for the next couple of years.

Around the middle of the month there will be a couple of days of uncertainty but you will be able to move past those with ease. You will really feel the need to be useful to others so many of your actions will be driven by a humanitarian desire.

Towards the end of the month you might get involved in a project that will take a lot of work, an important expense of resources of any kind, but you will find the way that suits you, perhaps even get more people on board.

Be careful because even when it will seem like things have stabilized, some changes, perhaps brought in by legislation, might turn everything upside down again.

You will manage to get through all of these issues and even turn to other sources of income, possibly in a field quite different from the one you are now working in.

It is important to be careful with money, to avoid any form of waste that also means excesses that you know you are doing regularly but for which you keep finding yourself excuses.

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