Sagittarius November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 3857 views

A kind month for you in terms of your interactions with those dear and what you manage to accomplish with and without them in your personal life. But being favored on one aspect of life also means that you will have to prove yourself more than usual on the other.

This might come with longer hours than usual at work and with some obstacles to overcome. But you will love a good challenge this November.

And speaking about proving yourself, there may be occasions for you to meet with some interesting and powerful people so keep your standards high and impress them just like you know.

There will be moments of weakness too, moments in which you will be quite emotional and will want to have that shoulder to cry on, metaphorically or not. Some natives might feel the need to explain themselves, even if no one has put any pressure on them.

Trouble in paradise

Love life will come in the mix with some temptations and also a bit of a wakeup call. Either that you do something wrong or things have just started to add up, your partner might come to you with the need for some promises and agreement.

Some natives will feel pressured about this and won’t take it the right way while others will try to negotiate their way with new terms.

If you want to learn this the harsh way, it is up to you. People are not that acceptant with your faults this November, especially during the first few days, so don’t force your luck.

Also, don’t treat matters of the heart as business terms. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to open your heart that is fine.

Same goes if you don’t feel you are able to commit for the long term. This is not really what you are being asked for. What everyone expects from you, is honesty and a sense of knowing where you are headed.

Work and not only

Look out for work that remains undealt with in the office around the 17th as this will be a great time for you to step in and show what you are capable of. This doesn’t mean you should take work from others or deliberately prevent them from touching their deadlines so you can do it instead.

At the same time, don’t take this to the extreme, there are still some limits in which you need to be and this includes how many hours you spend in the office.

From a great employee with initiative to overzealous and stuck in their ways, is a fine line that you don’t want to cross.

Not to mention the trouble you can get into at home if you are switching focus completely from them. And speaking about home, the 20th might bring some unexpected bills or an issue you have postponed dealing with in a while. Don’t take the easy way out because this will come back.

Too much emphasis

Full of energy or just barely there, you will still have a lot of things to say, especially around your friends and this is exactly where trouble can come from. Perhaps you are focusing too much on certain aspects and are not being a nice company to be around.

Whether you are fixating on a particular topic or are overly critical with what others are saying or doing, you need to stop. Temper yourself and perhaps adopt a more refrained stance this month when Mars is challenging you in this way.

The world will still revolve if your ideas are not out there. And who knows, perhaps this is exactly what you need to get some people, perhaps acquaintances, closer to you, and maybe transform them into friends.

And while you are at this, look closer to your behavior and search for ways to temper some impulses, perhaps some meditation would work.

Health concerns

The last week of November brings your health in the equation, either that you are experiencing something serious and you need to undergo some intervention or that you are just trying to cope with some minor ailments.

The weather changes will not help you either, no matter if you are living in a warm or cold climate. Pay attention to how you dress and what activities you take part in outdoors.

The good news about this is that physical effort will actually be granted a pass so you won’t be affected by any sore muscles or such.

Also, it seems that what you are going through, regardless of gravity, makes you rethink some of your priorities and although it will take you a while to actually go on with a plan, you are at least imagining how you could be a healthier version of yourself.

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