Sagittarius November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 5397 views

Positive energies are surrounding you this November, giving you good ideas and affectionate thoughts. The only downside may refer to your ability to keep up with the good mood and not go in search of some kind of excitement.

This is a great month to be relaxed and to recharge your batteries and you may actually find that this sort of break is what you need in your life now.

With this new change of focus you could end up spending more time with your loved ones and tying stronger connections of friendship or potentially love, especially in the case of single natives.

Someone close may play the role of a guardian angel and may draw your attention over something you were sort of overlooking, thus changing entirely a plan of yours. On the spot, it may not seem like this is happening for the better but on the long term, be sure there will be benefits.

The only word of caution may refer to the fact that you need to be considerate about other people’s time and priorities because not everyone is in the same place as you in their lives and you shouldn’t overwhelm anyone or demand more of their time than it is appropriate.

Your dreams and other spiritual moments in your life may also bring some interesting insight so feel free to search for the hidden meanings around you.

Some personal doubts

The first week of November will bring a combination of mental alertness and generosity in your life and whilst you may see a lot of things that are not all right within the behaviours of those around, you are not going to be judgmental but on the contrary, you will end up being as supportive as possible.

You will also not be very clear in your communications, preferring to remain deliberately vague for people to understand whatever they wish to understand. It is important however to remain straightforward when it comes to work situations or anything pertaining to your education.

There will be many days in which your enthusiastic energy will surround everyone, but your optimism may not be, on the inside, as high as on the outside.

You are pleased with sending good vibes, even though on the inside you may still confront with some personal worries.

The Jupiter Uranus quincunx aspect debuting on the 8th will keep you as away as possible from uncertainties but at the same time may push you to start implementing some changes in your life.

A lot of the energy that you are building this time may end up being used rather aggressively so be careful about this. Perhaps you should resort to practicing some sport or similar, to release part of this energy.

There will also be days, around the 12th, when you might feel as if you are being prevented from showing who you really are and despite all the comments you may receive from those close, you need to remember that no one is deliberately censoring you.

Some hard work but also a bit of romance

Hopefully, with the Mars Jupiter square aspect debuting on the 19th, you will gain a little bit more confidence in your own attitude and will listen less to what others have to say. This aspect is also one that helps you stay away from indulging and from impulsive urges.

So there will be a couple of days when you will be rather balanced and more at peace with your being. There may still be some tactless approaches at work but these will only happen because, ultimately, you are still trying to fulfil your goals.

Around the 21st, you will only be able to think big scale and you will prefer to leave all the small details to those around.

This is ok in the case of those natives whom benefit from a trustworthy entourage because, otherwise, you will need to take everything in your hands if you want to ensure the best results.

The Full Moon in Gemini, your opposite sign, will bring some unpleasant conclusions in your life and might trigger some tensions in your relationship as well.

But this is all a matter of how you are perceiving things. It may well be that this is a good moment to learn certain lessons about your behaviour and that as soon as you understand those things you can start working towards improving them.

The month will end with the Venus Uranus opposition, a difficult aspect for some, one bringing tension but as you probably will have had your fair share of tension by this point, this will be more about romance and taking the next step in the relationship.

Your demands of your partner will be quite high but at the same time you are going to naturally reciprocate all the love and attention that you are getting.

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