Sagittarius November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-10-20, 5858 views

This November might start in a rather tense atmosphere for you dear Sagittarius, perhaps at work, or in terms of your health and fitness.

But it also seems that the more problems you manage to sort out, the more confident and relaxed you become. So, it’s all in your head, apparently.

Be careful, however, that you make sure that there are no misunderstandings in communication after the middle of the month, when Mercury in your zodiac turns into retrograde.

Traditionally, it is a time when letters and packages are handled and travel delays are the norm rather than the exception, so in the second half of the month it might be just as good to allow extra time for travel!

And finally, Jupiter, your leader, spends next year in Scorpio and you are able to grow into a more compassionate being, with both yourself and others, starting right from this November. You will be able to learn many things about yourself through your empathy with the suffering of others.

Those born in Sagittarius oscillate between displaying pride and hiding their love relationships, they can sink in usefully, but sometimes too obsessively in their inner universe, perhaps forgetting about what is happening around them.

November highlights

Right from the start you can expect positive energies, especially in the intellectual area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir life. In this rational period, you will be able to set priorities and not be afraid of more difficult problems.

The family situation will be a good one. You can trust that those closest to you will help you whenever you need them.

Charismatic and humorous, you will manage to surround yourself by like-minded people so should have an easy time. You also tend to be more involved in other people’s lives, seeking ways to help them.

Be carful about your own emotions around the middle of November because some frustrations and anxieties may drive you to get stuck in rather dark place.

Luckily, the presence of your loved ones around you, if you allow it, will help brighten your mood quite rapidly. It will then take you a couple of days to really understand what has happened to you and what was the source of those negative thoughts of yours.

Towards the end of the month you only get benefits from the stars, but you also need to pay more attention to your health and what you do at work. Some chance to win extra money could arrive from doing overtime or cashing in on some personal skills of yours.

Sagittarius love horoscope for November 2019

This month all seems to be going your way, and you are sentimentally set to recover your lost time or even a partner you may have left behind.

The stars advice you not to overlook the changes of disposition of the partner, because they can hide some frustrations or discontents. And if you would like to do things differently at certain times, you should tell them.

At the end of the month all seems to be in your favour and developing to your liking. Only certain news from someone dear and from far away can disturb you, especially if it is an invitation to try something new which could prove to be quite risky.

Career and finances progress this month

You don’t appear to have as much energy this month as may be required from you by all the aspects, plans and issues you are involved in your professional life.

Unfortunately, this will be noticed by others too, perhaps those who don’t really root for you success, and you will have to endure the consequences of your actions.

Your current situation does not allow you to stay in vain, so learn from mistakes and listen more to the advice of those around you that you know for sure you can trust!

After the 20th, some natives may feel as if they are losing all the confidence in their plans. But this doesn’t mean that they should take this momentary set-back as a sign, but rather take a break and return later with fresh forces.

It's actually the step backwards you need to experience a bigger breakthrough. You are now receiving other resources necessary for success and, although you are a little nervous and agitated, the benefits of this period will not let themselves waited upon.

Health and wellbeing

Right from the start of the month onwards, Venus passes the sign of the Sagittarius, indicating that you will be showing more spontaneity in relationships and also with regards to your health.

During this transit, we also appreciate the partner's efforts to keep that element of novelty in the couple and are more focused on our reproductive health.

Natives who carry out sports and other similar activities will meet new, like-minded people who can help them with remaining motivated about their diet or healthy lifestyle.

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